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Thread in 'Discussion' started by DewDude26, 3 Apr 2011.

  1. I have an alpha version of a TGM2 clone ready for testing on the Android OS if anyone wanted to try it. It's still very far away from being finished (no menus, no pausing), but all the gameplay mechanics are there to test. I'm hoping that people here would be able to pinpoint any flaws with the mechanics that are to subtle for an inexperienced player like me to notice, and to get an opinion on the control scheme.

    Right now it only supports multi touch screens (preferably with higher resolutions), but keyboard controls will be added.

    If you are interested, email me at DewDude26@hotmail.com with your Android OS version and screen resolution so I can adjust the block size if necessary to fit the screen, and I'll send you a copy of the .apk file.
  2. I use an Android phone. Email sent.
  3. ei


    I also use an Android phone--an e-mail has been sent. (hopefully it plays well, TGM2 on the go would be good fun!)
  4. K


    I have a HTC.
    Working-class with touch screen ?

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