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Thread in 'Discussion' started by tepples, 13 Jun 2006.

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    Any chance u coudl remove line clear delay? Theres definitely a delay. esp when clearing a tetris i can clearly see the frame flashing. And during cascades also, is tehre a way to do it without displaying it? i want epic tpm!
  2. Yeah, the minimum line clear delay is one frame. You'll pick up 10~40 dead frames over the course of the game depending on what kind of clears you get.

    I have a general idea about what would need to be fixed since I have "true zero" delays in my clone. I could try my hand at writing a patch and submitting it to tepples, but I don't really understand his code, hehe. I might give it a shot at some point, though.
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    i was playing LJ and then i suicided.

    Then i was hitting random buttons and it replayed my last game. Is tehre a super shortcut from the end-of-game screen that replays what u just played?
  4. tepples

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    Someone finally ended up making just that.

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