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Thread in 'Discussion' started by tepples, 13 Jun 2006.

  1. rck

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    yippie, I'm not a nerd [​IMG]

    Besides that, fun idea, the mansion thing. I'm not a good drawing person, though, and cannot draw the mansion. Who got drawing skills?

    Alternatively, I could take a picture and photoshop parts of it out [​IMG]
  2. btw wondering if its possible to re-skin the line-clear animation?
  3. If I remember the code to 0,45 correctly, then no, it's hard-coded in ljpc.c
  4. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    How would you think to reskin it anyway? I don't see how simple skins could account for the diversity of line clear animations in authentic Tetris games and games under a Mirrorsoft license:

    • Tet?is (arcade): Rows change color, one at a time
    • Tetris (Famicom, BPS) and Tetris (GB): Rows flash a few times
    • Tet?is (NES): Blocks disintegrate wiping from left to right, leaving behind the name of the number of lines cleared ("SINGLE", "DOUBLE", "TRIPLE", or "TETRIS")
    • Tetris (NES): Blocks disappear from the center out
    • The New Tetris, TGM1, and Tetris Zone: Blocks spread apart and fall in front of the tetrion
    • Tetris DS: Explosion on each row
    • TAP and Ti: Blocks explode in a particle effect
    Reminder: Code patches are welcome and will likely result in your feature requests getting fast-tracked.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Perhaps XeaL is just looking to reskin it into something he likes better and not necessarily to account for any diversity.
  6. i was thinking to just reskin it to say awesome colourfulness rather than black with a white line through it :/

    wasnt actually thinking about changing the animation/length, just the picture :S

    although if its not possible then oh well [​IMG]
  7. kapat

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    what about a crazy cat lady throwing twisted cats down a well?
  8. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I am not making TetrAwesome if that's what you're thinking of.

    Xeal's suggestion resembles what I'm already doing in TOD for GBA and Tetramino for NES. It's doable; I just have to designate a place in ljblocks for a "line-cleared block" image.
  9. jujube

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    +1 for the crazy lady with the cats.
  10. Muf


  11. Hehe, just don't make the old version/layout of the blocks images obsolete and unusable <G>.

  12. LMFAO @ tetrAwesome, you should make it like that!! j/ks.
  13. hmm doublepost but thast coz this is a new idea thingy....

    have a way of changing replay speed? some replays are really long others are really short.

    plus if we could slow down time then i can record @ 60fps on my shitty comp (replay at 1/2x then vid edit it and doublespeed i spose)

  14. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    If I add the infrastructure for controlling the speed of the engine, someone else is going to want rewind (which is much more complicated), and it'll make it that much easier for someone else to hack it to allow cheating by slowing down the game while recording (not just while playing).

    Are you trying to use FRAPS or CamStudio or VirtualDub or the like to record? If so, your complaint isn't a need for speed control as much as that the frontend is missing the feature of piping replays into ffmpeg for encoding into AVI.
  15. i spose my request is a bit much then [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Aw c'mon tepples, no faith in the fans? A rewind feature can certainly be used for good as well. But anyhow, a fast forward feature can't do any harm can it?
  17. m:)

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    anyone running lockjaw under wine? does it work?
    i could just try but my HD is full, i need to clear some space for a vm image.
  18. You can run it natively. Here's how (I saved instructions someone (thank you someone) made to me a while back, I can't give support on them if there's something wrong with them (but I'm sure someone else can), I used Ubuntu):

  19. I've tried it, it does work if you got OpenGL etc. working (no graphics bugs and sound is fine, but you should do a "wine lj.exe 2> /dev/null" if you don't want to see a fixme every time sound plays, if you use the console's output for anything), but native in Linux would be ideal. Those instructions Meroigo posted should work, if you're on x86 Linux (read below, if you use x86-64 Linux).

    I've got my own issue, though: I've got all of Lockjaw's dependencies installed for building it, including jpgalleg, but it just segfaults at startup. I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 x86-64. I looked around, and apparently jpgalleg is not working in amd64. I snooped around in jpgalleg's source, and I'm betting it's x86 assembly files are the reason for this problem. So until jpgalleg is updated, or some other library is used, us 64-bit users can't have 64-bit Lockjaw.
  20. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I guess I should correct this to specify x86, as that's all I have access to. My desktop running Windows XP is from fall 2000 when the Pentium III was hot droppings, and my laptop is an Eee PC with an 8.9" screen. (Tip for non-blurry fullscreen on Aspire one, Eee PC 900 series, and other 1024x600 netbooks: echo wndW=1024 > default.skin)

    I think you can compile it without JPEG support: remove all mention of jpgalleg from ljpc.c and makefile. Then you'll only have BMP backgrounds. If that works, perhaps I should write my own Allegro wrapper around IJG libjpeg, like I did for Vorbis support in LJMusic. If that fails, and you really need 64-bit Tetris, there's always The New Tetris on Nintendo 64 [​IMG]

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