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Thread in 'Discussion' started by tepples, 13 Jun 2006.

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    How about a "Tetris the Overdose" emulation mode? You know, combining the versality of LockJaw with the crazy visuals of Tetris the Overdose, by means of setting a flag in the configuration somewhere?
  2. rck

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    In LockJaw DS, I found some behavior I do not fully understand. To me, these are probably bugs. But I think that should at least be configurable.


    - Gimmick: Drill Attack (Also in other modes, but this shows it best)
    - Speed curve: Zero


    1) Rotating a bigger piece (e.g. the I) results in "game over", if no lines have been cleared yet.
    2) When moving a piece to the left or right and there's another piece, just one line below the well, the moved piece is hard-dropped automatically.

    Just try it, you'll see what I mean [​IMG]

    *edit* This bug report was a separate thread but got merged by a moderator. Is there a rule stopping people from making dedicated threads? Or is it easier to go through 1000 posts to find this one? I don't understand it. [​IMG]
  3. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I notice the same problem in LJ 0.45 compiled on Ubuntu. The Zero speed curve appears to give me no lock delay, but only if I haven't played anything other than Zero since starting up.

    Thank you for reporting this. Now I have a genuine defect that would warrant investigation, fixing, and then pushing out the 0.46 changes sitting on my Windows box's hard drive.

    About a forum per game: As I understand it, the site's owner (caffeine) thinks that if we make too many forums, the board's users will more likely stay in their own little ghettos and won't be tempted to read and post in a wide range of topics. It took him a while even to accept the Records forum.
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    Yay, a new version coming up [​IMG] I am already curious on what you got in store for us there.

    Well, I understand the thing with abandoned / ghettoized forums. Then again, this thread has been running already for more than 2 years and still is posted to... But anyway, I'm not running this forum so I guess that's fine with me.

    Any use of looking forward to a NDS multiplayer version of LockJaw?
  5. rck

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    Actually, I bought myself 2 NDS to be able to multiplay everywhere I go. Am thinking about buying a third or even a fourth one... [​IMG]

    No installation worries, takes almost no space when carried, can be used everywhere, even in nature, etc. ... And then, there's of course the Playstation 2 connected to a TV, including a couple of controllers, when needed. But I haven't touched it in months.
  6. mat


    hey--my tetris obsessed friend just got a G1, any possibility of an lj port for android? would be awesomeness.
  7. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    But it appears Nintendo has done a good job of keeping homebrew out of the mainstream media.

    This is true if your game was developed by a for-profit company. If it was developed by a team of amateurs, you have to connect a PC to the Internet, buy a flash card from a store in some foreign country, hope that its DLDI isn't broken (as a lot of them are), etc.

    But at least with a console, you don't have to buy four systems and four copies of the game in order to play multiplayer.

    I don't plan to port this game to J2ME or Android for two reasons:
    • Lockjaw Engine is written in C, and MIDP and Android can run only Java. I know some Java, but I don't feel like maintaining three versions of Lockjaw Engine in parallel and making sure that their behavior remains frame-for-frame identical: one in C for Windows, Linux, GBA homebrew, and DS homebrew; one in Java for MIDP and Android; and one in C# for Xbox 360 XNA.
    • High-end phones like G1 and iPhone are sold with a minimum 24-month data plan at a minimum $60/mo, and I don't have $1,440. My Virgin Mobile phone, which I use mostly to arrange rides, costs me $16.05 including sales tax every three months.
    LOCKJAW 0.46 later today
  8. rck

    rck Unregistered

    Good point. Well... LockJaw DS can only be played by "enthusiasts" then [​IMG] Still, there's a lot of people out there playing TGM DS, which is only available as a .nds file. More than 100 are in the highscore list. And SOME of them would like to be able to play head to head, I guess.

    Still, it's not too hard. You

    1) put the card in the reader,
    2) put the .nds file on it,
    3) put the card in the Cyclo DS (in my case) and
    4) play it.

    Could it be any easier? I mean, you can even download the .nds file right on the NDS by using DSOrganize's Webbrowser.

    If you need beta-testers, count me in.
  9. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    LOCKJAW 0.46 is out

    0.46 (2008-11-0B)
    • Tracks number of 4x4 squares that the player forms (TOD parity; requested by Ghett0).
    • Added T-Party randomizer (requested by Lardarse).
    • Default lock delay for Zero set to 40 frames, even if it is played first (0.45 regression, reported by rck).
    • "[TC]" removed from scenario names (requested by caffeine).
    • PC: Uses fourCCs for option values in lj.ini.
    • PC: Uses double buffer for entire background (bug 0021).
    • PC: Can disable sound effects by deleting or renaming sound.dat (requested by moxie101).
    • PC: More of the code is 2-player-clean.
    You forgot these steps:
    2a) somehow learn that the Cyclo DS exists,
    2b) save up money to buy the Cyclo DS, and
    2c) somehow convince your parents to let you buy something online and pay them back in cash. (Every DS homebrew enthusiast in my family other than myself is a child.)
  10. Muf


    Isn't there the Datel Games 'n Music though? Or am I a couple years behind on flash card news. I have my Lite with R4 and it's unlikely I'll ever get anything else.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I'll admit that it's not simple, but isn't that a bit exaggerated? Most children I know don't know crap about homebrew. And from that, I would make the assumption that homebrew is not targeted at these crowds but at homebrew enthusiasts. Homebrew enthusiasts would certainly know a thing or two about how to get it to work or at least know where to go for information. As for the money investment, that's a given for homebrew, no?
  12. "Next on top" is buggy, unless I need to update the skins somehow:

    The small tetromino you see there is actually the third in the next queue. And there's this random black thing to the right of the field.
  13. Wait, you mean you've ported it to XNA? I never heard of that.

    iPod touch mostly runs the same apps as iPhone and does not require a monthly contract. Although I'm not implying to request iPhone/touch development.
  14. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I have not ported anything to JavaScript, ActionScript, Java, XNA, or iPod Touch. XNA and iPod Touch development have one thing in common: In addition to the device (Xbox 360 console or iPod Touch PDA), I'd need to buy 1. a new computer for myself and 2. a $99 per year developer certificate for myself and each player. I'd have no way of recovering these costs because Mr. Rogers won't let Microsoft or Apple let me distribute copies for a fee anyway. In fact, Apple has actually taken down a Tetris clone on TTC's request, and it has shown a tendency to block apps that "duplicate the functionality" of an existing product.

    DIGITAL: So how would I target a larger crowd than homebrew enthusiasts?

    rednefed: The defect you report is related to "Uses double buffer for entire background", and I'm working on a fix.

    EDIT: Fix is up

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    You don't. That's the nature of homebrew.
  16. rck

    rck Unregistered

    Thanks for the new version, will try it immediately!

    Sorry, right now I'm feeling like I'm in the wrong film. How exactly did you test the DS version of LockJaw?

    Like, how does someone use the Linux-version without knowing about Linux? How does someone from Europe know about TGM without the Internet? Etc.

    C'mon. Internet is full of stuff waiting to be found. It's not like things get more interesting because they lie right in front of you with an instruction sheet. What about the "hunter" part of "hunting and gathering"? Are we really just a bunch of consumer whores, waiting for the TV to tell us what to do next?

    By the way, all the DS players I know (and that's quite a bunch) are (at least) past 20. I'm past 30.

    According to Wikipedia (Scroll down to "Marketing and sales"), until end of September 2008, 84.33 MILLION units got sold. That's a market. Learning about LockJaw could also involve learning about getting a Cardreader to get this (and a lot of other homebrew stuff) running.
  17. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I am in the DS homebrew community. I have an R4. My question related to how I'm supposed to get other people to join the homebrew community.

    I guess my family might just be atypical. I'm much older than my siblings and first cousins who haven't moved to another city.

    Which is exactly what Nintendo has tried to suppress. And the company did a good job once: I couldn't find anywhere to buy GBC flash linkers after the GBA came out.
  18. rck

    rck Unregistered

    Ok, that makes sense. Hmmm. Well, in the usual way, I guess. No one wanted Windows, until applications started showing up with Version 3.1. Same for the Mac. Without Mac Draw, without PageMaker, the whole platform wouldn't be as successful.

    So, get your app out there and make people want to play it. [​IMG]

    And they are not stopping there. The new Nintendo DSi doesn't have a GBA port anymore (bye, bye, step-counter, EZ 3-in-1, Rumble-Pack, Paddle-Controller, Guitar-Hero Controller, etc.). Instead, they'll tie the system to their online portal, as good as they can. You know, "want to play X? pay Y Nintendo Points and you can".

    But again: If you give people a sound reason to buy something and it's affordable, they'll likely do it. Also, the new Nintendo DSi has a SD slot. How long will it take until it is possible to play homebrew on that?
  19. rck

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    Ok. I had a nice bath (I like playing Tetris in the tube [​IMG]) and am ready to report my findings.

    40 frames lock delay for Zero helps. But I think, it should be "infinity". I use the "Zero" mode for training my stacking (Marathon mode) and my "line removal" (Drill Attack) skills. The nice thing about Zero-mode is, that I don't have to consider any time restrictions but instead can focus on actually removing lines and/or stacking them. The lock delay compromises that.

    Also, when going left or right and the way is blocked by a stone there, it shouldn't be "game over" in Zero mode. Instead, it should not be possible to go that way.

    Wish-list for 0.47 (all for DS build):

    - Use L and R (the shoulder buttons) for paging in the Lockjaw Configuration screen, like for all the other things there are for DS. Pressing "A" usually means "Ok" and "B" usually means "Back". Also, when the cursor is on "Smooth gravity" (last item on last page), the "A" button starts the game. In this case, the legend lies.

    - Make an option for disabling Sound. Especially needed for the DS version. I like the sound effects, but the music is very, very annoying.

    Wish-list for future versions (for DS build):

    - Master/2, Master/4 and Master/8 mode -- for training purposes. Master modes that are half as fast, a quarter as fast, etc.
    - "Announcement sounds" for tetrominoes (like in TGM, every "next" stone has a certain tune. That way, you don't even need to look at the preview to know the next one. Ideally, use same sounds like in TGM DS)
    - Configuration files. Make it possible to save certain configurations. Similar to PC version. With "default configurations", which have distinct scoring and behavior, to make comparison to other players easier.
    - Highscores. At least for the "default configurations".
    - Internet-Highscore list. Like in TGM DS
    - "Realtime battles". Multiplayer-modes, either with garbage, items or the "upside down" variant ("Push" in Tetris DS)
    - 3 or more tunes, one uplifting / trancy one, one mellow one, on pop one.
    - In-game menu to be able to change speed-settings on-the-fly (would disable highscore for that game)
  20. jujube

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    are you talking about Lockjaw or The Grandmaster Mason?

    just kidding [​IMG]
    i guess calling it a stone is as good as anything else. it just reminded me of that post by caffeine. i had the idea that a tetromino was a "piece", and a segment of the piece is a "block", but so many people think a tetromino is a block. and of course nobody uses the word "tetromino" except us nerds.

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