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Thread in 'Discussion' started by tepples, 13 Jun 2006.

  1. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    "from saved state" is there for a reason
  2. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    In a topic about Tengen's , johnberhenry asked for a tetromino distribution counter like the "STATISTICS" seen in early Tetris games.

    But how and where could this be displayed?
  3. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    Well, it could be something like this


    debug DEC jtet

    if lockdelay = 0 then

    Debug, CR, CR, CR, CR, CR, CR, CR, CR ,CR

    debug DEC jtet


    IF jtet = 1

    then jtetcount = jtet count + 1

    jtet = 0


    ....if of course this was programmed in BASIC.
  4. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I know how to count pieces of a given shape by their shape identifier. But I don't know where to display these counts.
  5. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    I suppose you could just display numbers at the side of the screen.
  6. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    LOCKJAW 0.45 is out

    0.45 (2008-04-20)
    • New unified speed curve system: less code, more tables, for future loading from a file (bug 0040).
    • All speed curves except Rhythm and Rhythm Zero have been ported to the new system. Notably, Master has been rewritten based on the tables from the wiki, and Exponential uses sections. The lock delay speeds up as brutally after 600 pieces as always.
    • Added kludge in the basic makefile that allows building on *BSD and GNU/Linux: 'make linux' (patch by kesiev).
    • ljpath: Fixed a couple misspellings in the non-Windows code path (reported by kesiev).
    • ljpath: Supports libfat when running on Nintendo DS.
    • A few descriptions of options have been shortened to fit into the new GBA/DS look (reported by Bloodstar; patch by caffeine).
    • Writes result and options text to standard output as well as to lj-scores.txt. This allows you to do 'lj | postprocessor' even if you can't do 'tail -f lj-scores.txt' (requested by kesiev).
    • DS: Writes result and options to /data/lockjaw/lj-scores.txt.
  7. Ai


    Thank you very much. That was very fast and very nice of you! ^_-

    A few days ago when I asked you a question in the records section of the forum I didn't realize you were behind this great application. Fantastic work my friend!

    Now I hope I can improve my times and scores! ^^
  8. Just to let you know, tepples, 0.45 builds in Mac OS X 10.4.11 (what I got right now, will be getting Leopard soon) with the "make linux" kludge. I already had the dependencies installed via Macports and/or Fink (forget if all were from one source or the other). Was rather surprised it "just worked". Still had to move in the .dat's and image files for it, of course. So now I finally have a great Tetris-alike in Mac OS X, because Quinn just doesn't quite cut it compared to Lockjaw! Now, to try building on my Ubuntu box...

    Only problem I've found so far is that colors and some graphics are a bit screwed up when in fullscreen, but that may be more an error on Mac OS X Allegro's part, not Lockjaw's.
  9. I have a feature request for the next Lockjaw.

    I was wondering would it be at all possible to change "40 lines" mode into "line clear" mode, so that it is possible to change between 1-100 lines to be cleared?

    Similar to what happen to "drill mode" (if thats what is was called?).

    - Jono
  10. johnberhenry

    johnberhenry Unregistered

    OK, so I set the rotation system to Arika, and found two bugs.

    1. How come the I tetromino has floor kicks but no wall kicks?
    2. The I tetromino does not floor kick in mid-air. In Lockjaw, it does.

    P.S. These bugs were found in version 0.44.
  11. Ai


    The DS version seems to work like a charm. I only have one question concerning the txt file. Does it keep getting bigger or is data being overwritten after a while?

    Again thank you for the hard work!
  12. The PC version just keeps getting bigger. I would assume that the DS version does the same.
  13. Zeta

    Zeta Unregistered

    it seems that way to me as well.

    assuming you're using an R4DS card, you can go up to the file and delete it with "X" in the file browser. if you're using another type of card, you may have to manually delete it with your computer

    also, I have a request: can we shift the "X" and "Y" buttons on the DS to "Y+Right" and "Y+Left", respectively, and have "X" be 180-degree rotation? I miss some of those special S- and Z-tetromino kicks I'm used to from Heboris UE Mini.
  14. Ai


    I'm not really worried about space because I have a 4GB microSD card at the moment. I use a CycloDS Evolution so I think I need to remove the file manually.

    Thanks for clearing that up!
  15. Zeta

    Zeta Unregistered

    LUCKY! [​IMG]
    <--only has a 1GB microSD card

    still, double-check the functions on the CycloDS OS to see if there is a method of file removal on it. if it can write files, it can probably delete them too.
  16. Maserati

    Maserati Unregistered

    Is there a way to make the windowed mode more smaller? I'm more used to playing with a smaller screen. Hopefully this will make me faster.

  17. I was also wondering this. if there is no way of doing it yet then i would like to second this idea. I have trouble seeing in windowed mode and find it easier to have the window smaller, a lot easier to see everything instead of having to focus at one area of the window at once.

    Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your game tepples.
  18. You could increase your screen resolution, but I find the bigger--the easier to react--the better. I play in full screen.
  19. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I could give the I tetromino wall kicks, but then I would need to re-separate Arika (TAP) and Arika (Ti), and that would screw with people's lj.ini files until I implement storing fourCCs of values. Right now, the "Arika" system does double duty for both: set floor kicks to Off for TAP and 1 for Ti. But in typical Ti play, how often do situations like this pop up?
    |    I|
    |    I|
    |    I|
    |    I|
    |     |
    |     |
    |I  L  |
    |I SSLZZ | Firm drop and rotate left
    |I SSTLLZZ |
    |ILLTTS  |
    This has a practical impact only in one position, with one row of gap between the I's hitbox and the floor.
    |     |
    |  IIII |
    | %   |
    | %%%%%%% |
    But there are deeper problems with the handling of <1G. I would need to rewrite the sub-row collision handling to get it TGM-accurate, but I'd need to do that for Climbing (TDX) anyway. Still, in typical TGM series play, when does this happen? Below 300, competent play is all firm drops, and above 300, it's >1G so it doesn't matter.

    So you request:
    1. Option for rounding falling piece's hitbox up (like SPF2, TDX, TDS, and current LJ) or down (like TGM)
    2. Separate Arika (TAP) and Arika (Ti) tables
    3. IF_LANDED opcode in kick engine
    4. In Arika (Ti), add IF_LANDED to floor kicks, and add wall kicks
    L, R, X, and Y will eventually be configurable through something that looks like the PC's Game Keys dialog box. I'll put you down as voting for that. But I don't think the chording scheme you describe will work so well: you'll get misdrops when you press Y+Right+Left when you meant to press Y+Right, Left.

    I just use DSOrganize.

    In the Allegro frontend, window size is controlled by the skin. In the GBA frontend, window size is controlled by your emulator settings.
  20. I think you'd need to create a skin to make it happen.

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