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Thread in 'Discussion' started by tepples, 13 Jun 2006.

  1. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Double posting because I have uploaded a new version. It doesn't have customizable keys yet, but I'm getting there.

    0.03 (2006-06-21):

    • Debriefing now responds only to Esc, Enter, and keypad Enter.
    • Compensates for refresh rates other than 60 Hz.
    • Change log included with program.
    • Plays sound effects for shift, rotate, land, lock, line, b2b.
    • Bigger text using the "Aver" font.
    • Lock delay in Marathon decreases gradually after gravity surpasses 20G.
    • (Internal) Now reads keys through a bitfield, allowing for custom key->vkey bindings to be implemented in the future.
    • (Internal) Does not alternate between "falling" and "landed" states when resetting lock delay on slide.
    Download LOCKJAW program and Allegro 4.0 DLL
  2. Phydeaux

    Phydeaux Unregistered

    So how's the decapitated puppy mode coming along? [​IMG]
  3. Shortly after the Gold and Silver triangle building mode.

  4. nahhahaha.

    lockjaw is like christmas.

    will custom debriefing be something to look into in the future?

    edit: so far i'm down to 47 seconds on 40 lines. still adjusting to the das (no macros, mind you). also, vs cpu is really interesting. after a few games, the most i've survived is 220 tetrominoes, but it really makes you think.

    edit2: what about a key presses per tetromino function in the debriefing?
  5. Dam you nicolas, always a few seconds faster [​IMG]
    Nah just kiding, hope to see a speed run of you playing the 40 line mode soon, im on 51 seconds have a vid, but yeah it is'nt that great and there's plenty of room for improvement

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=6rvckL4J5-w& ... peed%20run

    - Jono
  6. nice run, jono. almost broke the 50 second barrier. i plan on making a post about optimal movement in a non-delay environment (lockjaw) soon. you've got the right idea, but there's a few places you could really improve on. also, next time you might want to crop your vid.


    looks like the program doesn't hold compatibility with winamp or wmp as far as sound goes. browser-based radio did work, however.
  7. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I just broke 80 seconds today. I made a special version that reads from my N64 controller (connected through a USB adapter) instead of the keyboard, and it turns out that I'm just as fast on the N64 controller (ca. 80 PPM) as I am on the keyboard (ca. 80 PPM). I'll release 0.04 once I finish the UI for a pkey->vkey mapping editor.

    Yes, as I allow more customizations, this game will end up a testbed for theories as to what is faster. I've already learned that during some periods, I should be watching the next pieces and just glancing at the playfield itself, and that the strategy for a high score is not the strategy for a good 40 lines time. It remains to be seen whether playing for PPM (40 points per tetromino) or playing for garbage (200 points per garbage line sent) is more effective at producing a high score in 3 minute mode.
  8. i'd suspect getting b2b ts triples would be the strategy for 3 minute score.

    edit: whoops, it's b2b ts doubles, as i recall. design flaw.
  9. That would depend on the randomizer. SRS randomizer makes that strategy impossible.
  10. not totally, i'd think. get as many b2b ts doubles as possible, then compensate with tetrises.
  11. Actually...

    It's impossible to sustain it, but if you don't mind leaving some garbage rows at the bottom you could keep it up for a time. It's probably most suitable for whatever TDS calls B-mode.
  12. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    "B-type" in TDS is single player > standard > line clear. But then it seems most of the line clear players on this board are in stopwatch mode, not maximum score mode.

    That said, the preliminary key binding UI is ready:

    0.04 (2006-06-22):
    • Uses an OS-native bitmap rather than an Allegro bitmap, which may allow faster drawing with some video cards.
    • Allows play from a keyboard or a joystick.
    • Presents a key configuration screen when the program starts.
    Download LOCKJAW program and Allegro 4.0 DLL
  13. wooo-- hammer time.

    yeah, in 180second, my goal is also how many lines i can clear ;]
  14. BTW does Ti rotation fit in anywhere on your todo list right now?
  15. ct, he's going to release a wallkick/rotation editor, which pretty much covers ti. from what i hear, it's going to be like completely customizable.
  16. I look forward to that. It's unforunate that TGM rules don't just drop into the SRS framework, because they need extra exception handling. It will be interesting to see an editor with that amount of control.
  17. i don't mean to be nitty gritty, but is it just me or is it now kind of laggy once the game ends?
  18. Thanks for the compliment [​IMG]

    Yeah im still stuck in "Cultris mode" some what, trying to do combos. Next vid I post will be more efficient to say the least.

    Tepples: Like the new version better than ever..............BUT, yeah sorry to nag, but I like it better when you held "up" and it continuously dropped the tetramino's.

    - Jono
  19. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    If I do implement the TGM1/TGM2 and TGM3 rules, it'll be an entirely special case, and somebody will have to fill in the wiki's description of TGM wall kick first. (I refuse to call TGM3 "TI" because to me, "TI" has meant Texas Instruments graphing calculators, such as the TI-83 where I developed the great-great-grandfather of Tetanus On Drugs.)

    That 30 frame delay is a space left for a Game Over animation that I haven't yet coded.

    That will be customizable as a macro in a future version. Right now, I'm going for guideline behavior as close as I can.

    But before I release the next version, I need to know:

    I'm planning to expand the game window horizontally a bit, and it may end up at 800x600. Is there anybody on this board still using an 800x600 pixel desktop who needs to be able to play in a window?
  20. i was thinking more in the sense a player would stack extra tetrominoes closer to the top than leave holes in the bottom. i'm not talking about that meoro formation. alternating between ts doubles and tetrises, i don't see why a player couldn't pull it off.

    right, i see. it'd really be nice to make this conditional, so that it only happens for games which end, and not games which the player quits. it's kind of annoying when i want to quick-restart. see what i mean?

    i personally don't mind the 800x600 window.

    need faster das... ;]

    edit: idea-- how about debrief returns 40 lines mode as 73.296 seconds instead of 73. likewise with ppm.

    edit 2: idea-- don't really need a seperate up/down/enter/esc input for menu. could use user defined up/down/rotate1/rotate2 respectively, which is probably more instinctive anyhow.

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