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Thread in 'Competition' started by Ai, 27 May 2007.

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    It'd be at the discretion of the designer to choose standard and "advanced" settings menus, which is what Blockbox does.
  2. Zaphod77

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    Re: [Lockjaw] 40 Lines & 180 Seconds

    Good point.

    Until lockjaw can be fixed to allow the 1 frame of delay to be removed, the ideal blockbox performance is faster than the idea lockjaw performance...

    My theory was that the perfect lockjaw performance couldn't be beaten on any other program.
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    That's seriously the difference that makes you choose one game over another? Personally, gameplay takes number one priority for me. I would prefer to play on Lockjaw over BB when going for a personal record since I can play at full screen in LJ as well as make my own minimalist theme. It's a small difference, but every little bit counts.
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    Your definition of gameplay must be different from from mine, then. The reason I switched to Hebo a while back was specifically to get away from the tiny delays, and after playing for a while it felt much more fluid than LJ with the same settings on both games. That's why when I started playing BB I haven't looked back.
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    My eyes are surprisingly fussy to minor changes in graphical detail. Maybe if I fiddled around with skins I could find a Lockjaw equivalent, but Blockbox already comes the way I want it. And it just feels faster.

    Plus, in Blockbox I'll play 40 lines just to kill time between multiplayer games or something, meanwhile in LJ it's pretty much the only mode I feel is worth bothering with.
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    Our definitions of "gameplay" are likely the same, but our personal preferences are different for sure. For example, Heboris has always lacked 9G autorepeat (instant), which is why I'd never play that for a personal record. Also, keep in mind that the same value of DAS for two different games can render different speeds depending on how it's computed.

    One last thing, I hear offline and non-java are good things when it comes to lag and stuff like that. Don't get me wrong, I love BB. But I figured the devil's advocate was due in this discussion.
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    I actually find I get lag spikes in both.
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    Offline and non-java is a saving grace for people who have old computers, I am lucky to have a new one, but earlier this year when I was using a 6+year old computer I could not use BB to try to set any sort of records. Lockjaw is very nice for people who have internet problems or old computers.
  9. Ai


    Re: [Lockjaw] 40 Lines & 180 Seconds

    There's no point in arguing which program is better. Everyone has other preferences. I haven't played 40 lines on BlockBox enough to say whether it's faster or not, but it seems like a number of people clearly play faster on BB. Maybe Jono could get under 25 seconds on BB? And LJ does look great if you customize it with skins. I use the TGM pack and other skins by Rich Nagel to make playing more enjoyable.

    So should I start accepting BB (and Heboris?) 40 lines times? If so will adding one column to indicate what program is being used be enough or are other changes to the leaderboard format necessary? I don't know whether all the information currently used on the leaderboard is freely availably in BB and Heboris. But that's not that important I presume.
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    If I were you, I'd leave this topic the way it is now and create another topic: ''[ALL GAMES]Best 40 lines'' or something like this.
  11. Paul676

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    Re: [Lockjaw] 40 Lines & 180 Seconds

    Hi everyone

    Lockjaw- my best 40 lines is 1:08.91 (91.41 per minute)
    However if blockbox is allowed, I have got a 1:00 as Paul676 (it is in the 40 line record page on Blockbox with a video)

    By the way, am I the only one not to (I think this is the right terminology) stack? By this, I mean that for sprint, I don't stack tetriminoes then clear 4 at a time, but just get 1s even?

    Thanks, Paul
  12. Paul676

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    Re: [Lockjaw] 40 Lines & 180 Seconds

    Cguck the last lockjaw record- just got
    "Cleared 40 lines at level 103
    Played 105 tetriminoes in 1.03.80 (98.74/minute)"

    Thanks, Paul
  13. tepples

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    Re: [Lockjaw] 40 Lines & 180 Seconds

    In a leaderboard ordered by time to make 40 lines and games that use zero or near-zero line clear delay (like LJ/BB), it's perfectly fine to make garbage and clear it out with singles if that's your style of playing. Players have to drill through the last five or so lines anyway. But you will need to learn to stack, or you'll never break any records for points in 3 minutes.
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    I do that too, Paul. So do some really fast 100 line DTETers.
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    Cleared 40 lines at level 99
    on 2009-05-04 at 23:50
    Played 103 tetrominoes in 0:44.66 (138.35/min)
    (active time only: 0:40.06, 154.24/min)
    Pressed 380 keys (3.68/piece)
    Made 40 lines
    (single: 2; double: 7; triple: 4; home run: 3; T single: 0; T double: 0; T triple: 0)
    Sent 28 garbage (37.61 per minute)
    Left 8 blocks behind
    LJ score: 9600
    Well: 10x20, Enter: Above
    Speed: Exponential, ARE: 0 ms
    Randomizer: Bag of Tetrominoes
    Hold: On, empty, Rotation: SRS+initial
    Lock: Move reset, Deep: Off
    Line clear: 0 ms Naive, Gluing: Off
    Drop score: None, T-spin: 3-corner T
    Garbage: Off, DAS: 133 ms Instant
    Soft drop: 1G Slide, Hard drop: Lock
    Shadow: Fainter color, Next: 5
    can't wait to hit sub40.
  16. Paul676

    Paul676 Unregistered

    Re: [Lockjaw] 40 Lines & 180 Seconds

    Ah right, interesting-

    By the way, although I can stack and use the I tetrimino to do 4 lines at once, I am just a bit slower at it (about 75 tetriminos per min rather than 90/100)

    On Lockjaw for 3 mins I got about 29000 points that way earlier today

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    For 3 minute mode, you do want to get 4 liners. The increase in points per line justify the decrease in TPM.
  18. Paul676

    Paul676 Unregistered

    Re: [Lockjaw] 40 Lines & 180 Seconds

    Yeah, for the 3 mins I do that, the 29200 was with the 4 stacking

    Otherwise it wouldn't have been very good at all!
  19. Ai


    Re: [Lockjaw] 40 Lines & 180 Seconds

    Welcome Paul676! You chose the right place for your first posts. ^^

    It would be very helpful if you posted the info from the lj-scores.txt. If you don't have it anymore I'll just use the data you provided earlier. ;) And you're using good strategies for both challenges. I too play faster when clearing lines as fast as possible in 40 lines. Trying to keep stacking for tetrises slows me down after a while.

    I could create a new thread where times from all programs are accepted, but it doesn't have to be done by me. Even though I'd love to do it. ^^ Also it seems like some members feel that this thread is the best place to post best times. The thread attracts the fastest players and it's very popular.

    I'm not taking the initiative here as I don't feel it's right for me to do so. I'll just wait and see what the mods decide or maybe someone should create a poll in the general forum.
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    I personally wouldn't mind to create such a thread myself. Members feel that this thread is the best place to post best times, because there are no other 40 lines threads. [​IMG]
    In other words: I will make such a thread one day, but not this month, because I don't have time now. So unless somebody else will do it before me, I'll start a new thread.

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