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  1. It matters more with 20 lines. Send someone a tetris and they'll clear 1/5 of the quota easily.
  2. Zaphod77

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    you send someone a tetris you've already cleared 1/5th of the quota. sure they send it back, and they've caught up, but oh look, you have another I piece, and now you are halfway there. Sure you are helping them to their quota, but at the same time every tetris they actually send back helps you met yours as well. Because you got the first volley, you will win.

    If they were going for a tetris on the same side, it's possible they may send two back, but since you are playing faster then they are (because you got the first tetris) you will be the one more likely to pull ahead.

    A better response is probably to bust out with the 2 wide before sending it back, which requires l and j pieces to actually dig down and then those dig attempt can be sent back as well.

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