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  1. I mean, what could be funnier/more cringe inducing than watching a newbie to the series struggle :D
  2. I stream arcade stuff here, including TGM sometimes:

  3. Gonna throw in mine as well...
    I may or may not start streaming texmaster and puyo puyo tetris :thinking:
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  4. I guess I should post this to the forum one day, huh guys? I occasionally play Counter-Strike, but mostly I stream Tetris.
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  6. Since I made the effort of getting OBS to work, I might as well drop it here:

    I plan on only streaming some occasional TGM but let's see whether I can come up with other stuff.
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  8. going for G3 TERROR torikan breaks 70% and s11 @
    chat votes weight the background visualizations
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  9. I am up and streaming on my Twitch channel. I do mostly NES Tetris, with Game Genie training. I have a fairly large game collection and will be working through the other titles systematically. The two games besides Tetris that have my attention right now are, "Felix the Cat" for NES and "Dune : The Battler for Arrakis" for Sega Genesis. 24 hour Affiliate stream coming soon. Stop on by sometime!

    As for tetris games, I stream NES tetris. I also stream Super Mario 63 speedruns and also some other games sometimes.
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  12. ya caithness! another shiromino stream :D

  13. I sometimes stream windows TGM 3 (really, it's not that often).

    EDIT: Ok, so the url doesn't seem to work so my twitch name is simply "Apextoejam"
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