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  1. kai


    I'm still sort of a newbie, but I stream a couple of hours of texmaster every week. Mostly Normal (TGM master mode, PB is currently S4) and Sudden (TAP death mode, PB is currently 262).

    Been playing for almost a month, so check in if you wanna see my progression ^^
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  2. LCK


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  3. Should be streaming a fair bit of Eindhoven practice this weekend because the missus is away
  4. I'm not sure if it'll be any benefit at all to anyone, but I finally had some free time after getting frustrated playing (damn you awkward G!!!), so I added everyone I recognise to my autohost thingy miggy on twitch who has posted in here. I think I still missed a few people who I've watched on Youtube, but I'm not sure if they stream, and if they do what their twitch is, if they use twitch.
  5. So that explanins the unexpected host while I was playing Daimakaimura earlier today!
  6. That'd do it! The people I've noticed I've been hosting is you, enchantress and kevinddr. I'm not sure if anyone else has been streaming on the list. I doubt you got any more viewers because of me but one day perhaps!
  7. You hosted me, too. Thanks! Were exactly do I have to set this list?
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  8. It's at the bottom of this page in your settings.
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  9. FeV


    Well I guess since I use a new account to stream now, I might as well let people know what it is. Should be playing tgm2 on here mostly, sometimes tgm3, and occasionally tgm1 if I can fix the lag issues.
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  10. Thanks! Found it and added some people.
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  11. Muf


    I have a desktop PC again (of sorts) so I can sometimes be found streaming TAP practice:

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  12. I really need to pick up a compact desktop PC as well. I only want to use it for streaming, so it can't be too expensive, but the problem is that I still need at least a competent graphics cards, a decent CPU and an extra PCI slot for a Pexhdcap. For new computers there's really no economical "inbetween" compromise, so I kind of have to wait for a decent used computer to show up, and most of those are HUGE.

    So right now I just have a webcam pointed at my NAC, and it looks TERRIBLE. Yesterday tetristhegrandmaster3 randomly ended up hosting me, too, so all of a sudden I had 121 viewers watching my terrible attempts at Death mode in even worse quality :3
  13. Muf


    Everyone who has posted their Twitch channel in this thread (provided it still exists, some were 404) has been added to the autohost list on the Tetrisconcept channel. So start streaming!

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  14. I don't stream very often but streaming + voice chatting tonight was a blast.
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  15. FeV


    If someone wants to add me to the list it's tc_fev on twitch. My old account(s) are either deleted or not being used.
  16. Muf


    You're already on the list. :)
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  17. Might sometimes play other things than tetris or do tetris meme runs, but I started the stream adventure.
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  18. Changed my twitch name to Burb__
    Updated my post on the first page.
  19. My streaming is through Steam, as Omio9999 - you'll want to spectate me that way.
  20. If anyone wants to watch my Stream, you can find me on Twitch as CinnaminionSSBM.
    I mostly play the TGM series on stream but I'll also be playing other games like Super Smash Bros. Melee and Street Fighter V.
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