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  1. Just realized I don't have mine linked here.

    I currently stream on
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  2. I started streaming. Mostly trying to beat my entire collection of retro games. Streaming on YouTube Gaming just to have an archive after the stream is over (and to upload other content).

    I might stream some NES Tetris from time to time. Channel is called "Mission: Destroy" - but will take you right there.
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  3. FeV


    Well guess i'll post here since nobody seems to be aware of my hitbox stream :p
    And twitch stream @ (didnt linkify this cause forum tries to embed it apparently)

    95% of the time its gonna be TAP, otherwise probably Super Metroid speedrun stuff or Metroid Prime 1/2.
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  4. I've finally moved to a place with good internet (which any Australian will tell you is pretty rare) so can start streaming! I'll be streaming some death every Sunday (AEST) at and hopefully some other times. I'll probably primarily stream TAP+ although when I tilt at that I will jump back to TGM. I may very rarely stream some dota2 as well, although I'm absolutely terrible at that. If people actually watch, I'll grab a microphone. Webcam is probably going to be pretty useless though, if you want to see a good handcam go watch @Qlex's stream.
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  5. I tend to stream at, though it's usually a mixed bag of whatever (lately i've been doing more Tetris, though.. if ACE is the listed game then it's a tetris stream)
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  6. My Twitch Channel:

    Hello everyone,
    Pleasure to meet you all. If you like Tetris and retro games then drop on by for a laid back good time. If you like what you see feel free to follow as I stream quite often and play anything that I'm interested in. You will catch me practicing TGM3 or playing some other game as my gaming pallet is quite wide. Check out the stream by clicking the link above or my signature below; and feel free to read a little about me here.
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  7. I'm really digging Tetris streams on Twitch lately. I enjoy watching other people play the game - I rarely have the time for it, but with my significant other being out traveling for the last week and a half, I've had a lot of spare time to "waste" on stuff like that.

    Here's my issue. No one is ever streaming Tetris! We have so many talented Tetris players out there, why aren't anyone sharing their games online? I'm following basically all the Tetris versions that aren't novelty versions no one serious about their game would play, but it's very rare even one person is streaming.

    We've got Qlex, who's tackling Ti lately and is often online, and then there's EnchantressOfNumbers who unfortunately seems to stream mostly when it's nighttime here. SuPa is doing his daily maxouts on NES that I'm usually able to catch in the morning. And, that's about it.
    Is there anyone we can do to get more people streaming? I'd think a Twitch Team could be a great idea, but HardDrop is making one, and it doesn't seem to get any activity either, because, again, no one is streaming.

    Is it just that people prefer to play their games in private and not worry about others watching? Or do they doubt their own skills? People shouldn't be holding back, I don't care if you're not a master at the game. I'm not particularly great myself, and I try to stream every game I play.
    Or is it just that everyone is on Hitbox now? :|
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  8. I am trying to stream some games every day. I also have auto save enabled, so you can watch them for a week if you miss it live. However this week I am streaming on another channel, but next week I'll be back to normal.

    Also got the invitation to Harddrop, but I do not know what I should do now, just got a generic twitch mail.
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  9. Sometimes when I'm not feeling the greatest I worry about my skill when people are watching. I also seem to get some anxiety whenever I know someone better than me is watching. This isn't tetris exclusive though, it's for all things, pool, teaching maths, programming, everything! Maybe I should just bite the bullet and stream every time I play, take my nervous sub 100's in death for a week and then not feel nervous anymore (hopefully), and go back to trying to hit 500.
  10. i would stream but my internet has been very patchy lately
    i'll go back to bugging dad to get better like i have for the last two years
  11. When I get the fire back for TGM, I'll try to stream more too (though I have much less free time compared to a few months ago). The motivation to improve has almost returned, especially with qlex pushing his scores even further.

    Looking away from the game has surprised me. I played a short session yesterday after a couple of weeks and, while I'm a little less consistent, I almost got a death PB.
  12. It's amazing how little practice you really need to regain your Tetris rhythm.

    Think about it this way. And this especially goes for TGM. No matter how much you suck at it, most othee people worldwide will be much worse and impressed by you even surviving 100 levels in death :)

    Most people suck at TGM even after playing it for years. Very few are really good. You don't have to be an expert. And i like to see anyone play.
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  13. I haven't been streaming in a while, too. Right now I'm not able to because my PC went like "Hey, I'm going to crash and refuse booting. Cya!", but after that is fixed, I'll try to stream more. :)
  14. Muf


    My PC has been in pieces waiting to be put back together for close to a year now. I only have my laptop (which admittedly is fast) but I don't have an XCapture and I refuse to invest in shitty USB2 capture devices.
  15. Alright @Sumez, you sold me! I streamed a bit today and if I'm not too tired later I'll stream again tonight. I'll start streaming more of my games :)
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  16. Personally I'd throw it the exact other way - on the occasions that I have streamed (albeit probably not for a year or so) there's basically nobody around watching. Which means on the rare occasions that I do feel like playing, I can't be arsed setting up streaming software, getting my webcam set up and then feeling like I've got to commit to a solid length of play session, all for maybe two or three people watching and minimal interaction with anyone in chat. And I don't even have capture card stuff to piss about with.

    It's not that I worry about people watching, it's more just that it's a fair bit more effort for so few people that most of the time I just can't be bothered, and I feel like really I need to be putting in a lot more effort with my setup and skill to be as good as some of the other people streaming out there.
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  17. ^ This. Literally all I have to do is flick a couple more switches and I'm streaming yet it almost feels pointless for me to try as I know if I stream for a couple hours I'd probably only get 3-4 unique views at most.
  18. I rarely stream. But I do play maybe 5 times a week.
    A lot of times I only want to have a quick 10 minute session. Hardly worth putting up a stream for, especially for such a short session. I also find it hard to keep track of chat and talking at the same time as I play. I feel like I won't be able to perform at my best with a headset on and two monitors to keep track of compared to just playing "offline" where I can 100% concentrate on the game.

    Also hard to motivate putting up a stream during working days, usually I only stream when I have several days off work since I'm usually home pretty late and should go to bed within 4 hours from coming home. (and again why I mostly do quick play sessions of about 10 minutes per day)

    But, I'll try to stream a bit more. Probably tuesday/wednesday some NES and/or TAP.
  19. Valid points, but what can we do about it?

    Fits my experiences pretty well. :) I usually have between 0 and 3 people watching. 4-5 on a very good day. Here's what I do though - I don't care if anyone is watching. I'll even talk to no one, to keep myself entertained. I can understand why that would feel awkward to most people though, and conversely, some times I don't even look at the chat when streaming, and just pretend it's not there. My main reason for streaming, is to keep everything recorded. If there's a run I want to keep I can keep it highlighted on Twitch.
    While I'm not exactly a superplayer, I do think it's interesting to document my progress. When I feel like I really suck and never make any progress, I pull up a video from one year ago to help me realise that I actually did improve.

    While I don't need Twitch to record videos, and some times it'll even mute my sound due to music I'm listening to, I do think it provides a good excuse for me to start the stream.
    I made a setup so that I could start streaming any time with a few clicks and not having to move around any hardware, reconnect a webcam, etc. Even if it's temporarily down at the moment, I still record all my plays with a simple webcam pointed at the monitor setup. So it's never a hassle for me to start the stream, and I don't care if I only play for a few minutes. No one wants to watch the same stream for hours anyway, providing you even do have viewers.
    If you don't care enough to hook up a simple setup that makes it easy for you to just turn on a stream for a few minutes whenever you feel like it, I do think that's perfectly fine. I'm not saying everyone should stream. I'm just confused that such a widely popular game continues to be such a niche thing.

    That mentality was the reason I took me three tries before I finally managed to record myself clearing TAP Master :p
    I have a dedicated streaming computer, and some times I don't even feel like turning it on. But really, once you have a setup, streaming shouldn't be that much of a hassle.
  20. Perhaps have a Twitch group, as was suggested earlier in the thread? Link directly somewhere from the front page on here? Put up some sort of schedule or have at least a couple of people maybe do regular slots (though that feels a bit too regimented and like hard work...)?

    Also if we could have something in the sidebar on the forum, around where the shoutbox thing is, that indicates when members are streaming or not (similar to the "Live Streams" panel that has had forever) then I think that would be a massive improvement, though I also doubt that'd ever happen.

    There are probably at least a few things that can be done, and I'd expect most of them work both ways for encouraging people to stream more and encouraging others to watch.

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