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Thread in 'Discussion' started by BDCowe, 8 Jul 2014.

  1. This may be redundant, but I was thinking of just posting a thread for people to put their streaming address up. I've noticed some mentions of streamers in the forums and I just started myself. If you feel like adding to the thread, please do. I'm interested in watching others play NEStris/SNEStris/TGM/Whatever and I'm trying to add people as I find them on Twitch. Aaaaaaanyway...
  2. whenever I actually get to have a streaming set ready, which should wait at least 2 3 months. But I'll be plased to stream.

    Added you btw, great thread idea!
  3. Right on! I had actually added your "Qlexis" profile, but I have this one now, too. I'll be waiting for your stream with great antici...

  4. Streaming on Twitch @

    I have all three TGM games and I stream from my blast city cabinet.
    But I also play other games, I speedrun Mega Man X and Mega Man X3 on SNES. I'm using an RGB setup with a framemeister upscaler to my capture card so the quality is excellent.

    I'm not a huge fan of NES tetris but I do have a NESRGB so I may stream something with that too.
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  5. @Burbruee - I'll be sure to try and catch your streams. My Swedish is a little rusty, though. As in, I don't know any Swedish... :p

    @Jonatan - Added! I look forward to watching. Tengen is a great idea, by the way! I need to dust off my cart and pop it in.
  6. I'll be streaming some keyboard-played TGM (since I don't have an arcade stick yet) action from now on, whenever I have reliable internet, usually on saturdays.
  7. Very cool. I have you guys added. I've finally gotten back to streaming myself, so nice to see some others joining in, as well.
  8. Muf


    Altimor aka Ghett0 would like for his scores to be accepted again someday, and to that end he is streaming so you can check things out yourself and interact with him via stream chat if you have any doubts. Sometimes Twitch is a bit flaky for him connection-wise so he also streams on Hitbox.
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  9. How does he play in 16:9 aspect ratio ??

    I stream TGM1 and TAP from time to time, keyboard and using no mic. I have found out that it is easiest for me to stream to save any "potentially" good runs for the future because I don't get any lag while doing so. Any other recording software I have used in the past equals lag equals frustration.
    I had been streaming TAP via MAME but now I have a supergun, however I need a little more hardware to stream from the real board. Should be ready very soon though. I also stream PS2 music games sometimes.

    Not too sure when I'll plan on streaming. I'll stream TGM and TAP on MAME, Texmaster/Nullpomino, and other Tetris games, as well as other games if I feel like it.
  13. Happily added all that have posted! :biggrin: Glad to see more Tetris players taking to live streaming.
  14. thanks for this thread and thanks to the people who watched me today!
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  15. I've started to stream here:

    I may have to come up with a better solution though, using OBS+wavtap on OS X is causing enough lag that I'm definitely not playing my best when I'm streaming.
  16. As with so many Mac Java problems, booting to Windows made it all better.

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