Level 19 NES tetris killing me

Thread in 'Strategy' started by LCK, 20 May 2015.

  1. nice score. youll get it soon. 19 max is always stubborn.
  2. 47 lines into 19 levels ! You are great, man ! Good Luck!
  3. LCK


    To clarify, the 866k was a 18 start. Still having stamina issues with 19 starts.

    Long term goal is a 19 max for sure, but I'm in no way capable of achieving this as of now. Sadly, I still suck.
  4. :o 866k @ 205 lines is an incredibly skillful game, no where near the realm of "suck" ;) And 452k @ 157 lines on a 19 start is solid. You are right on the cusp. Very impressive progress!

    I've blown so many games that were on pace to max out Level 19 in the past two months, it makes me sick to think about it. I've got nerves real bad again, like before the first time I maxed out lol I hate this game! But I love to hate it.
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