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Thread in 'Hardware' started by kapat, 19 Nov 2008.

  1. m:)

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    you can tape the shift key down on one KB.
  2. Playing Serious Sam splitscreen, using 2 mice, was awesome.
  3. I think it was the mouse that was the source of my carpal tunnel syndrome, because it started with my right hand and moved to my left hand after I started mousing with my left hand. My brother is a programmer and had to switch to mousing with the left hand permanently because the mouse screwed up his right hand so much. Now I use a trackball and alternate hands as soon as I start to feel the slightest sign of anything.

    Keyboards aren't always cheap. I paid all together $700 for a Kinesis contoured keyboard and a TypeMatrix keyboard, both with the Dvorak layout. I have no idea if they're very good for gaming, but they sure are nice for typing.
  4. how was that transition for you?
  5. m:)

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    trackball is an easy transition. once you get it a mouse seems totally unusable.
  6. [​IMG]

  7. It's true. I'd never go back to a mouse. Rolling the trackball is much easier than having to move a mouse all over the place. The problem with mice is you have to use your whole arm to move the mouse around or risk injury by straining your wrist too much.

    I still have problems pressing buttons with extended fingers even on a trackball though, so I often use the palm of my hand to roll the ball so I can use the edges of my palm to click the buttons.
  8. Psh, touch-screens are the future guys.
  9. tepples

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    But seriously, Rosti: Would you want to try playing TA Death with the Tetris DS Touch mode mappings?
  10. m:)

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    or iphone tetris.. ugg it's awful.

    however, if we could get tetris on a lemur we might have something.
  11. m:)

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    i use a thumb ball. some people like them, some do not.

    more and more i just use my trackpad now. all the multi-touch options on macs are nice.
  12. Nah, Tetris Star has touch screen controls and it's a pain. Though with a good control setup I think TA Death would work fine with a touch screen, if it was responsive enough.
  13. lgb


    Trackballs are technically perfect for some types of games. Ever play a FPS with a trackball?

    I use an old-ish Microsoft IntelliMouse myself; probably the wrong thing, but works great anyway.
  14. Benson G

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    do you mean it has a square gate? I mean can you make it only register up, down, left, right? no diagonals.
  15. A rotatable square gate, yes.
  16. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    With the JLF in 4-way mode, it's actually still possible to hit the diagonals. However, for most purposes, this isn't really a problem, the amount of diagonal restriction is fine. Pretty much everyone here (except for colour_thief) uses a JLF, and they have no issues.

    If you want to completely prevent the diagonals from being hit, you probably want a Sanwa JLW, or Seimitsu LS-32.
  17. The LS-32 can also hit diagonals, once it's properly broken in. There's nothing wrong with diagonals per se, so long as the stick tends to snap into the 4 cardinal directions.
  18. jujube

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    i think Amnesia's restrictor lets him enter dimensions unknown to us. unfortunately that doesn't help him play better tetris.


    is he still using this thing?
  19. A month or so ago it finally broke so bad that it became literally unusable. He's been playing keyboard since then, but plans on getting an actual good stick once he has more money. I think.
  20. Benson G

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    Thanks, ordered the TE from gamestop.com last friday and it came a few days ago. Now I can stop bumping this thread [​IMG][​IMG]

    I have a Logitech Marble and I alternate hands as well. I find it really comfortable to have my hand almost parallel to the keyboard.

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