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Thread in 'Hardware' started by Amnesia, 10 Mar 2008.

  1. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    i'm pretty sure deep drop is intentional, to make up for lack of slides.

    However, what should be implemented is *restricted* deep drop. THe game shoud calculate if it's possible to get a piece into that spot with slides, and allow the drop in that case. Such a calculation would be failry simple.
  2. Over this Easter, I'll put a lot of effort into learning the finesse of TGM so it comes more naturally to me.

    I'll also do my best to fill out the wiki articles on finesse, which as far as I know only exist for SRS and not ARS (despite the fact ARS should be easier).
  3. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Nope, you can place 1 finger from thr reight hand on each of the 4 keys. but it's still challenging to strike 3 or 4 different ones of them in a row quickly.
  4. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    meh, it seems easier to use asdfjkl;

    or i'll leave out a and ; if i only need 6 keys. it's comfortable and it divides the keystrokes between my left and right hands almost evenly.
  5. "i'm pretty sure deep drop is intentional." it is, and i don't like it.
  6. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    if typomino had lock on release you could make zangi moves and twists. say you press "D" to place a piece, if you keep it held down then the adjacent keys "S" and "F" become left and right for sliding, and the rotate keys could be used for twists. whenever you release "D" the piece locks. this wouldn't slow you down if you were leaving a piece where you dropped it.

    if these things were possible there would be no need for deep drop, but even as things are i've played without deep drop without much trouble. you might have to do a little more skimming than normal but it's not that bad.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I think lock on release would make no difference if there was no lock delay or ARE. However, if these delays exist, the time it takes you to release the key will stack on top of them.
  8. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    typomino doesn't have lock delay because the piece goes instantly to wherever you want it. and i guess you could say the ARE is infinite, and it ends whenever you press a placement key, and you rotate before pressing that key. but i don't really see how you would be slowed down there either with lock on release. even if you have to release a placement key before pressing another (or rotation for the next piece), i think 4 tps (4-8 kps including 4*key release duration) is still well within most people's physical limit.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    The delay of lock on release is very subtle but noticeable at times when you're hard dropping really fast. As you approach your speed limit, you begin to notice that your finger cannot release the key fast enough to prevent frame loss. I believe these frames can be really crucial and will help to prevent accidental early rotations or movements. I've tried using lock on release as a replacement for hard drop before but found these problems to be a real bother.
  10. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    i think it could work if you got into a rhythm, and it's something you could work on while learning the typomino controls [​IMG]

    i made a frame count for placing 4 pieces in one second just as an example. i don't know exactly how many frames each action would require but it seems reasonable to me (except for the number of keypresses which i think is slightly inflated if you took an average kpt for 100 pieces or more).

    frame action    keypress
     1  rotate      *
     5  place      *
     8  begin release
     11  end release
     16  place      *
     20  slide      *
     23  begin release
     26  end release
     31  place      *
     34  begin release
     37  end release
     42  rotate      *
     46  place      *
     50  twist      *
     53  begin release
     56  end release
  11. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    what's wrong with my idea?

    Make it check if a slide would be possible, and allow the deep drop only if it could have been slid in.
  12. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    sure that could work. how complicated would it get though? would you allow the L to go in the bottom right corner in this pic, if it could have been slid in from the left wall? i'm not saying abandon your idea if this works or doesn't, i'm just curious.


    and what if a piece could be twisted using a common twist then slid, but couldn't be directly slid in without the twist?
  13. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Yes, i would allow that drop, but i would not allow twists.

    because you rotate before placement, you must place pieces in such a way that they could be placed without rotation after the piece enters the field.

    As kicks require rotation after entry, they would also be not allowed.

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