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  1. I've been having trouble finding a good layout for my keyboard controls. If you have any suggestions please share! :D
  2. I'd suggest this layout or a variation thereof:
    Up/Down - Fast/Slow drops
    Left/Right - Left/Right shifts
    Z/X - CCW/CW rotations
    Space - Hold

    If you want a third rotation button -- a secondary CCW rotation, a 180 rotation, what have you -- C is the perfect place to put it.
  3. Muf


    If you're right-handed I suggest

    w or s - hard drop / firm drop
    s or d - soft drop
    a - left
    d or f - right
    i or j - rotate left
    o or k - rotate right
    p or l - optional third rotation button
    space - hold
  4. I'm right-handed, but I use right-hand movement on keyboard and left-hand movement on stick. That's really more of a preference thing. I'm used to right-hand movement for most things -- excepting FPS, obviously -- so that's what I tend to play for Tetris.
  5. colemak. [/lame]

    Yeah that's definitely a preference. I can play Tetris attack with right-hand movement on keyboard and left-hand movement on d-pad, whee. I bet I could do left-hand movement on keyboard too, actually.

    I can not for the life of me do right-hand movement for tetris though. My left hand doesn't know how to rotate ^^; When I started TGM i figured I'd move to stick eventually so to ease that transition I've been using left-hand movement.

    My preferred control scheme is arrow keys for movement, and numpad 1,2,3 for rotation, with 0 for hold. It's pretty awesome, unless you're on a laptop keyboard in which case you have to do wasd or szxc or whatever.

    Of course you could always play typomino too :D
  6. Alternatively I find that A/S for rotate makes my thumb rest more comfortably on the spacebar for hold.

    Note that all the above layouts are posted using a QWERTY layout, not AZERTY or anything else.
  7. alrighty. I will try those and see which works best for me. Thanks for the help!

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