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  1. WHAT is the glitch?
  2. you dont get one of each piece.

    if you know the "playing forever" stacking, use that for awhile and hit hold a few times, u'll notice that there is a drought of some pieces (and the drought (sometimes? never?) gets rectified). i was missing about 4 orange pieces at one point

    first i dismissed it as 14 bag, but now that ur code clearly states 7 bag and then yeah i shouldnt be getting 4 blues before an orange. i'mma check that code tonighttttttttt
  3. [​IMG]

    seems fine to me.

    edit: here's the output of 1000 pieces.

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Unregistered

    its relaly weird, i'll reproduce it and video it.

    did u use doublehold in any of those?
  5. hmm i'll look into this
  6. Anonymous

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    and my previews = 4, if that affects anything.

    dont worry about it till i can reproduce it.
  7. okay, problem verified.
  8. so you reproduced it?
  9. yeah. i also just found an instance where the randomizer produces a piece but it didn't show up in the piece queue one way or another.

    could it by any chance be related to practice mode?

    edit: confirmed bug - if you undo a move in practice mode the bag doesn't go back to its original state.
  10. not sure, i had a few games without practice mode where i felt like i was missing a T for ages. but that could have been my imagination. When i get home i'll test it more and give u feedbackz. i think the randomizer is correct, its probably fenceposts related to drawing from the bag + doublehold/backspace.
  11. it's definitely practice mode. (see my edit)
  12. oh yay. shouldnt be too much of a problem for me, seeing as i dont use practice mode much now. (my brother started using keyblox recently and he was the one who noted the bug.)
  13. *facedesk*

    I don't know how, but somehow the version I have on my macbook at the moment is fine, and when I compile it's fine, but the version that's currently on the site somehow got inadvertently compiled for PPC. So really there's nothing wrong with my build; I just uploaded some really bizarre messed-up file. T_T

    I want to fix the practice mode undo as well, so hopefully I have time today to push that out and then 1.07 should be all fine and dandy.
  14. v1.07 released.
    -Fixed OS X version to not use PPC (fluke)
    -History (6 roll) randomizer now never gives you an O, S, or Z piece first, as in TGM.
    -Using undo in practice mode now correctly handles piece history as well.

    Keep your eyes out for any more funky behavior with regards to undo--I didn't test it quite as thoroughly as I would have liked.
  15. btw any chance u can make screenshots NOT save as BMP :/ png or gif or something else?
  16. haha, bmp was the easiest.

    png compression will go on the todo list.
  17. just coz after like 20 minutes of playing i have 900Kb x20 worth of bmps.
  18. (sorry for the thread necro)

    No update, but I fixed the broken link in the original post since my website url changed. Also, keyblox was undownloadable for a few months due to me being stupid, but that should be fixed now...
  19. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    No need to apologize! I really wanted to get into this a few months back, but noticed the link wasn't working; thanks for the fix!

    Now that I'm giving the game a fair chance (instead of giving up in frustration and deleting it off my harddrive, as I did previously), I have to admit, this is the most addictive thing I've played in a long while. I'm currently clearing 40 lines with 40 keys in just under 2 minutes, and am determined to get under 1:30 before the month is out.

    I'd like to suggest a couple of features:
    • 30-Key: Same as 40-Key, but using shift+home row instead of number row for 180's.
    • 20-Key: Similar to 30-Key, but additionally using shift+upper instead of lower, and shift+lower instead of upper.
    • Scenario Training: Kind of like traditional typing training drills, but instead of repeatedly typing e.g. "fgfgfg jhjhjh" etc, the player would place a short looping sequence of tetrominos onto a specified stack shape.
    • Next piece previews at the top, à la TGM. For more than 3 previews, you could have them either in a straight line going across the screen, or wrapped around the playfield like in DTET.
    • .pgn screenshots.
  20. Wow, neat suggestions! Again I'm not actively working on keyblox atm but that doesn't mean it's dead...scenario training would probably be a bit more hassle, but 30-key, 20-key, and png shouldn't be hard to implement at all, so those will be near the top of my list when I get back to it again. Next piece previews at the top probably wouldn't be that hard but it would require me to either make the piece previews smaller or reorganize things around somehow to make room in the 640x480 window...

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