KevinDDR is coming to NorCal!

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by KevinDDR, 16 Dec 2010.

  1. COL


    The problem in pic #1 is this ugly T which robs you the possibility to play on the right side.
    IMHO:more seriously, if you really want to improve your stacking, try stacking challenges:
    -try to get a death bronze sk more often
    -idem but with silver sk
    -try to get a gold sk in tap master
    -idem but with 20g code
    -s1 before 300 in tgm1 20g
    -try to get >200k on tgm1
    -idem with 20G code

    the key idea is to TRY TO MAKE TETRISES (of course in death mode they're useless, but "improving your stack" is a too vague goal, playing for tetrises is a more precise assignment you can focus on)

    this is not that time consuming, there are tons of videos showing the game can be played that way, e.g the misnamed "tetris japan finals", or 309/kan stuff etc
  2. hi, my name is ray and i just died arouind level 420

    in other words those two S9's i got = falsificare
  3. Nonsense. I improve my speed when I focus my training on it.
  4. Who are you? :whistle:
  5. SWR


    Come to SoCal. Ti ftw
  6. Kevin is bringing his Ti kit with him to NorCal -- gonna supergun it up here. :3
  7. What he said. Yeah, SWR, if there's any chance you can make it up to SJ for the meeting, then you should come!
  8. SWR


    Oh yeah. That is definitely too far for me (6+ hours). If I were at you're level give or take, maybe. But showing you guys that I can barely get to m6 is no bueno. I'm still interested in buying that machine if you're interested in selling (likely not). I still don't get why the guy at Arcade Infinity doesn't sell his. I seriously am the only one (I know of) who ever pours their money into that game. =P
  9. Just a little update, I'm definitely going to be going to SVGL on Friday Jan. 7 in the evening. Probably all night. :D Then we have the Tetris meet on Saturday Jan. 8.
  10. SWR


    go to AI on the 15th for the last day.
  11. Looks like I'll be splitting time between the Technika 2 tourney and the Tetrismeet.

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