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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Amnesia, 13 Jun 2010.

  1. Amnesia

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    We always considered the zombi training as a bad thing which had to be avoided.

    Jago even announced that the zombi mode will generate some bad behaviors to the player that he will uncounsciously assimilate, and then waste his time to clean and remove from his head those bad thing took from zombi session.
    (I don't know where he found such a thing)

    Recently I am trying another method to exploit the Zombi mode :

    I play moderatly, a few session of 20-25min max, have some rest for 10min or 1 hour, then I relaunch, I try to take at least 1min every 3 games.
    That is the guideline I try to respect.
    At the end of multiple session, after 1 hour I don't stop the game to restart the inp recorder, I continu and start to really enter in the zombi training, sometime I don't follow what happen to the screen in thinking to something else, and then suddenly wake up in the middle of the game.
    When Zombi mode is well here, I even completly get surprised at level 100 with the weird fast transition.
    I can't lock anymore at 400..Relaunching a game is painfull in my head but I can't prevent myself because of the frustration the precedent bad game gave me. I am in the vicious zombi mode.

    It is when I am in this state, that I say to myself
    "let's go, you won't stop to play until you get a M, you are condamed to let your ass on this sofa until a M"

    And doing a M in this state is really hard.
    The more I insist, and the more it become hard to make it.

    This is why I am wondering if trying to perform the M like this won't force my brain to develop his concentration in extrem condition.
    Don't you feel that you are losing yourendurance and concentration around DEATH 600-700 ?
    I am especially asking to people between 650 and 999 on the leaderboard.

    This speed is not that fast at all, but still, we are not GM.
    At this moment we have a lack of something, our brain is overwarming and our moves and decisions become less clear.

    I am reffering to the zombi mode because it is exactely what we have to do for getting muscle, the mass increasing of the muscle is the most efficient in pushing the muscle far to his limit
  2. I don't doubt that it can help. But my issue with zombie training has always been that it's an inefficient way to improve. A larger amount of small sessions with a focused mind are going to help you more than occasional binges.
  3. K


    wtf :V
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Ok I am done with TAP now, back to TI..
  5. COL


    tiredness destroys skills actually, and I noticed that most of my death M games were done during the first hour of play. But it's a GAME and a very addictive one! Why would you just stop after 1 hour?
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    You all don't see what I mean,
    Pushing yourself through such a bad condition really make work the brain !
    it is not that stupid to think that you will develop something durable in forcing soo much to extract even a little poor M 512..
    Then tomorow morning when you will play a new fresh session, you won't have your skill affected by the dirty work of the day before.
  7. I saw what you meant Amnesia... I said that it wasn't useless practice, just inefficient practice.
  9. COL


    I'm exhausted and pissed off. I've just played tap master for 5 hours.(until I could finish the game once !!! But it is another problem...) It's nearly 2:am here. Was it really useful?
  10. COL


    I should have read this before...So I'm not alone. This game is very dangerous
  11. Useful, yes. But not as useful as spreading that play over several sessions over several days.
  12. Ai


    I'm starting to think that playing very long sessions must be important to help improve one's attention span in 20G. At Death 300 speed and beyond I can't seem to play more than 150 levels.
  13. Zaphod77

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    Yeah Amnesia has a point. sure it's generally effective to play for a bit, and take a break. But as endurance is required to beat Death, playing for long periods of time on occasion helps build endurance. Also, there is some value to be had in learning to play even when you feel like giving up.

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