KAN coming to france - meeting possibility on MARCH 22-23

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by K, 30 Jan 2013.

  1. Okay, not making the same mistakes twice :

    Are there cats in your house? I will have taken the appropriate medicine, but it's just in order to see if they can be avoided some way.

    Could you please tell me (by PM if necessary) how I could get to the place?

    I'll be coming Friday night, and will have to go Sunday in the afternoon. If you want more details, do not hesitate to ask
  2. K


    Yo dudes, i get more precise information.
    as i wrote, it's on 22 and 23 march, wich is thursday and friday.
    KAN is telling me he will arrive on thursday morning and will probably leave on friday morning as well.. wich might simply be impossible to meet him for some of you D:
    i'm asking him if he couln't stay longer on friday but i can't be sure of anything..

    of course the meeting and people can stay at my place until sunday without trouble :)
  3. The 22nd is on a Friday, not Thursday. Not sure if that changes anything and you just got the dates wrong.

    Anyway, I wish I lived in Europe :(
  4. K


    ooooh F****

    yeah you're right
    i actually got confused because of my parallel day off... i took 21 and 22.. thursday because i wanted to organise before the meeting, So Kan is coming friday and leaving early on saturday :\
  5. Booked my tickets this morning, get hyped! :D
  6. COL


    train booked for 22-23
  7. K ,could you confirm ? it's on thursday & friday OR on friday & saturday ?

    i can only come on saturday:o

    what do you mean KAN leaving "early on saturday" ? 8 am ? 10 am ? mid-day ?:facepalm:
  8. Sorry guys, I've gotta sit this one out!

    Well, a lot of things happened.

    I had to look at the work I had done so far for my engineering school. The bad news is, I've got not one, but five lessons with an enormous backlog. If I take this week-end off I will get some of my partners in trouble, but I will also take the risk of having to redo this second year all over again.

    I should also say, I will meet most of you guys during the STUNFEST, and KAN in Japan.

    So I have decided to cancel my tickets to Strasbourg, I won't be coming here this week-end.

    Have a great meeting, I will meet you guys soon enough, I hope.

  9. Won't be able to make it during Kan's presence so will see you in Rennes :)
  10. K


    What ?!
    both Qlex and Cyberguile will not attend ?
  11. K


    KAN will be there on friday and saturday (my bad mistake for the calendar)
    but he's leave in the morning, i don't have more precision, and he's already sightseeing accross Europe :\
  12. K


    I need to check if someone have an "extra supergun" and bring it ? :D
    please PM Me for adress and phone number :D
  13. K


    We currently don't have news from KAN..
    he was supposed to arrive at noon... but no more news :\
  14. K


    Let's go better next time!
  15. COL


    It was great (but so short)! Thanks to Jago for having organized it and to KAN and Steadshot for being here!!!
  16. KAN and Steadshot were there ...


    Welp, next time!
  17. Absolutely, thanks again for making this meeting happen and the great hospitality!

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