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    Jewelry Master Twinkle is an Xbox Live Indie Games version of the freeware PC game Jewelry Master made by Arika, the same folks behind the TGM series. Jewelry Master Twinkle Light is an even newer version that has simplified game rules and a relaxed difficulty.

    Download Links
    Jewelry Master Twinkle Light - 80 MSP (1 USD)
    Jewelry Master Twinkle - 400 MSP (5 USD)
    Light mode is only contained in Jewelry Master Twinkle Light. All other modes are only contained in Jewelry Master Twinkle.

    Records by Score

    |Pos.|Name                      |Score     |Level|Time    |
    |   1|colour_thief              | 1,160,370|  ALL|        |
    |   2|Edo                       | 1,102,050|  ALL|        |
    |Pos.|Name                      |Score     |Level|Time    |
    |   1|colour_thief              | 1,135,520|  ALL|        |
    |   2|Edo                       | 1,129,750|  ALL|        |
    |   3|Billmaan                  |   958,020|  ALL|        |
    |   4|Kitaru                    |   961,450|  ALL|        |
    |   5|Ray Ayanami               |   804,380|  ALL|        |
    |   6|KevinDDR                  |   668,010|  ALL|        |
    |Pos.|Name                      |Score     |Level|Time    |
    |   1|colour_thief              | 1,127,340|  ALL|        |
    |   2|Edo                       | 1,065,300|  ALL|        |
    |   3|Billmaan                  |   917,230|  ALL|        |
    |   4|Kitaru                    |   893,410|  ALL|        |
    |   5|Ray Ayanami               |   773,290|  ALL|        |
    |Pos.|Name                      |Score     |Level|Time    |
    |   1|colour_thief              |   938,920|  ALL|        |   
    |   2|Edo                       |   912,080|  ALL|        |
    |   3|Billmaan                  |   869,350|  ALL|        |
    |   4|sjoecool1991              |   822,180|  ALL| 6'04"  |
    |   5|Kitaru                    |   819,180|  ALL| 5'46"11|
    |   6|Ray Ayanami               |   799,980|  998|        |
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  2. Muf


    I thought there was a guideline against records threads for games with an internal online leaderboard?
  3. This is the XNA version, which as far as I'm concerned doesn't have a leaderboard or even achievements. Unless I overlooked it.
    Someone else please verify this for me; I'm not at home right now.
  4. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Yeah you're right, no leaderboard or achievements.

    I'll upload my scores later, I've been busy all day unfortunately. Also, is having a ranking for fastest times a good idea? Performances are only ranked by score in the game itself, so unless you make sure to save your fastest replays it might be problematic keeping track of what you've achieved.
  5. Muf


    Sorry, my bad. I assumed that since it's on XBLA it'd have leaderboards.
  6. Well, see, it isn't. XNA/Indie Games differs from XBLA in that the games are reviewed by the community and not Microsoft. They don't have to have achievements or leaderboards.

    In fact, it appears adding a leaderboard to an Indie Game release would be somewhat obtuse in implementation.
  7. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Here are my scores so far, just to get the ball rolling:

    Normal - 959,470 ALL
    Hard - 907,650 ALL
    Another - 729,990 ALL

    I have no idea what any of the times are.
  8. Muf


    Errr yeah I meant Xbox Live not XBLA. :oops:
  9. Gotcha.

    I'll post scores as soon as my brother stops playing CoD. I have around 800k on everything, I think.
  10. Bumping this.

    Normal - 808,760 ALL (7:45:75)
    Hard - 786,780 ALL (No replay, so no time. Also, my only play so far rofl)
    Another - 819,180 ALL (5:46:11)
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  11. Normal - 902,900 ALL (Will check time later)
    Hard - 893,410 ALL (Likewise)
  12. Muf



  13. Here are my scores so far, just so Edo stops asking for them:

    Normal - 1,019,240 ALL
    Hard - n/a
    Another - 766,570 916
  14. And some more from me:

    Hard - 909,190 ALL
    Another - 772,040 919
  15. Normal - 804,380 - ALL
    Hard - 773,290 - ALL
    Another - 799,980 - ALL
  16. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    I managed to spend a bit more time playing this today, and made a new high score: 1,108,140 in Normal mode.

    (EDIT: The following paragraph has been mostly proven wrong. As of Jan30th, it's suspected that the conditions for second dates are dependent on both score and time, although it's all still a bit mysterious...)
    As colour_thief has already discovered, scoring over 1 million points allows you to go out on a second "date". For the next game you play, Naoko will be dressed in different clothes and the setting and dialogue will be completely different. Sadly, I only managed to score 952,290 on the second playthrough, and the costume reverted to normal on the congratulations screen; it may be necessary to score over 1 million with consecutive games in order to progress and unlock more "dates".

    I took a few pictures for those of you that are interested:


    btw, the gigantic white jewel in the fourth picture is the key to increasing your score - you get a bonus for the largest solid rectangle within your jewel, in this case it's a 6x6. It's also possible to draw a 7x5 rectangle in there, but its area would be 1 less, so it's the 6x6 that is counted. Conveniently, the bonus is capped and stops increasing once you reach an area of 36.
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  17. This is not the requirement; I've already seen other costumes. I'm pretty sure each mode has two "dates," but I haven't been able finish "date two" of Hard or Another in the green yet. (Actually, maybe I have finished Another "date two" in the green, but I can't quite remember...)
  18. I've got the second date of Normal after 1,000k, but never for 900k.
    I've got the second date of Hard after 900k, but never for 800k.

    What are you proposing triggers it if not the score? Can you quote a specific contradiction that shoots down the score theory?
  19. I have seen all of the second dates and not met either of the score cut-offs you have proposed? <_>

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