"Jagoris" : Another Tetromino game

Thread in 'Discussion' started by K, 8 Mar 2007.

  1. K


    Err you are including to me about TZ critic ? i'm just concentrating about leaderboard & replay but in a general way. :\
    NO OFFENCE But please just don't make me write what i've not :

    Of course jagoris is "just like" TGM, but you are far away from the count. [​IMG]

    Did you know that i've started coding "because" of TGM ? i was a totally noob before that. After seen the famous Death Video, i started to play TGM1 on emulation. and my first thought was : Damn another just mighty game that will never go outside from Japan. Why this game is only holded in JAPAN and only Arcade ? well we know why now.

    I love leaderboard, it's so much powerful for giving strength of motivation. i started to get this feeling from "Killer Instinct" original leaderboard. The original goal of jagoris was to exactly copy the original game on every gameplay detail with enhanced graphics, AND addition of a worldwide Leaderboard. why ?

    Because i'm tired of the typical sentence : "wow, this player must be a japanese..."

    TGM is the kind of game that deserve a global and powerful leaderboard/ statistics system to track each player level & progression. this is what i wanted to do. And what is showed on the video, is a part of what server side is recording. You need so much motivation to get a Gm rank that it was necessary to keep track of everything by day/week/month. Unfortunately i've never finished the client application. Sure colour_thief can tell about some statistics that were only available by manual extraction [​IMG]

    Actually The SHELL is under maintenance. but it will come back for sure (now). Ahhh i feel the old good time of fucking limited proprietary SDK environment.

    And i will refrain myself to talk about what may be interpretated as something new or not on a new tetris game. it's not the point of the topic.

    btw did someone have seen our beloved game designer resurected somewhere else ? [​IMG]
    i'm still waiting for a public answer here.

    ps : others, please stop bashing TZ on this topic. [​IMG]
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    so no plans to let us play it? Not even an underground deal like TAP?

    EDIT: lol... filters?
  3. K


    Actually i'm not good on schedule but yeah someday it will come back bu don't expect it soon or a date, and i'm really busy with this damn Death Gm rank [​IMG]
  4. K


    this clone is down forever but i managed to get a better video showcase :
  5. do you still have the source lying around?
  6. K


    I had to run the Macromedia IDE and server on winXP, patch “some few” stuff to avoid the internal error, capture the output through the visionRGB to get a solid FPS then voila!
    There are around 28K lines of code but the game logic part is a fraction of that.
  7. could you release it? :D
  8. K


    i'm not fan or giving sources away :/

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