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    I dont know if it is a too common case to be answered or adviced, but I am clearly at a state today where I can stack a lot of tetriminos, sometime enough to have 2 tetris ready in stockpile, with 0 hole, but after I put my I on the right and destroy lines, there is always a moment where everything diseaper in my mind, I simply lost all my "white line" I have in mind and disrupt everything. If I can stabilize the mess, I will get something not bad around 40sec (TI M ROLL), but most of the time it is over and I will never restack properly, just some random lines because I can just guess where the masses are.

    Any advice adapted to my current state ?

    This video is a perfect example.

    There is really something missing for me, I miss a "mental tool" which could allow me to keep the control, but clearly, I dont feel even close at all to complete 1 M ROLL because of what I explained ahead...
  3. I have the same issue actually. I can have almost perfect knowledge of the stack (or it feels like it) and then I'm suddenly completely lost the moment I clear lines and everything shifts down a bit.
  4. same for me, when I clear my first tetris, it's over lol
    so I try to do as much singles as possible, like in 500+ death mode but counterpart is that holes appear rather faster with this method T_T
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    No doubt that for TAP M ROLL it is completly crazy at our level to attempts tetrises. But for the TI M ROLL, I know that I have more chance to get 2 grades in starting with a tetris than trying to flatstack with singles and doubles, because of the lines/points :

    1 : 0,1
    2 : 0,2
    3 : 0,3
    4 : 1,0

    Would have been more acceptable to have something like :

    1 : 0,1
    2 : 0,2
    3 : 0,4
    4 : 1,0

    EDIT : It seems that Kevin use massively the S and Z to rebuild some reference points in his stack. I would like him to talk a bit about this.
    I have heard jago, kan, kitaru, kevin, anyway, too many person always talking about "flat stacking", but for me sometime flat stacking is worse, I have some frustrating game where I have just NO line in flatstacking.
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    Today I tried to estimate the number of hours spent playing invisible.
    A rapid calculation gave a number of 80-100 hours during these last 3 years.
    What do you think about this number ? Does it mean too much ? or not enough ? :|
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  8. Oh my... :sowsuser:
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    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    J´étais déja au courant que tu étais completement fou. :p

    Otherwise it is excellent what you have done here, how do you work then ? do you read it every day to learn the shapes by heart ?
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    ? i have this stuff since at least 2 years on my HD.. i made some research long time ago but never learned it.:V
  11. Invisible Tetris? I can barely beat NullPomino's marathon... :<

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