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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Tiago Dutra, 16 Mar 2011.

  1. While browsing Kongregate i had the idea of searching for tetris games there.
    I found some but nothing intresting...until i found Tetris<45..."What would happen if we rotate Tetris 45 degrees?".
    First i was o_O but then i LOLed!
    It's like playing tetris on a zigzag pattern. Quite cool little game we have here. Sadly, it lacks lock delay, kicks and ghost so, it's very hard sometimes to place pieces in position, and also the stack fall erraticaly.:(
    The concept itself is very cool and inovative, and i liked it!^^

    Please say your feelings about the game
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  2. It's a cool idea. I like that the lines are the most difficult pieces to place now.

    It needs wall kicks and t-spins. :)
  3. interesting idea and quite well made.

    one thing i don't like is how line clear works. If you clear odd number of lines your field get scrambled. :\
  4. Some overhangs are very dificult here without wall kicks, and this makes the game challenging sometimes.:rolleyes:

    I also find the idea very original, but the line clear is sometimes annoying...or not:awe:! Sometimes it might just save yourself from game over. If it can be studied right, someone can find a strategy to make some...intresting things on it:sneaky:
  5. I like it, and I agree about the lack of kicks and spins.
    I wonder how a t.a death/shirase equivalent mode would be like. (hint: awesome :awe:)
  6. With the lack of kick and spins, TA DEATH will be almost impossible to finish, also because of the 20G gravity, no IRS, weird DAS, etc...

    Playing Shirase on Tetris<45 = :sowsuser:
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  7. That's why it would be fun, just to see how many line clears would be possible by the average tc'er. :biggrin:

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