Internet Gaming Bash of the Year 2

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  1. It's upon us and today is the last day to sign up! Sorry for the late notice, but we now know that Tetris Plus 2 will be one of the games in the tourney. If you're interested in playing, sign up here:

    It starts tomorrow and runs through Aug 5th. I'm representing Team Twin Galaxies and Jace is giving out some cool swag if we win, so join our team! If you sign-up but find you don't have time to play - that's OK! It won't hurt the team if you can't play, so sign up if you're even remotely interested so you have the option. We'll have the full list tomorrow, but games will likely include:
    Ms. Pac-man
    Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition
    Tetris Plus 2 (Puzzle Mode)
    Turbo Outrun
    Bubble Bubble 2
    A bunch of shoot 'em up's, a few platformers - over 27 games in all!

    It's all MAME based and free to play!

    Check out this link for more details, but hurry because this is the last day to sign up!

    You do NOT have to be a Twin Galaxies member to be on Team TG for the tournament!

    Tetris Concept represent!
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  2. Sign up is complete. Hopefully everyone who was interested made it in. Wish us luck!
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