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Thread in 'Hardware' started by cdsboy, 14 Dec 2006.

  1. @Ken_P: thanks for the logitech gamepad tip. i have just got a logitech rumble gamepad and it works absolutely flawless! no missdrops, very precise directional cross.
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    That seriously is like a dream come true.
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    cdsboy: I don't think there are any Fry's Electronics in Minnesota, but they have the Tekken packages for $50 now. I think you can also order through Also, although they were already in drastically short supply, I hear that some Gamestops have dropped the price on those to $30. That's two items that are eBaying for 15-20 dollars each (the package comes with Tekken 5 and a collector's DVD case) *plus* the arcade stick. You might want to call around to see if there are any left. I also saw one package at a Game Crazy last night for around $80. There doesn't seem to be any reason to buy one at that price.

    All my friends have the T5 sticks, bought from Fry's. I've got one of those and a RAP2 I picked up off eBay. That is really the only place to get any RAP any more, as supplies are short and shipping prices insane at online stores. Unless you're obsessive about fighting games, the differences between the T5 stick and the more expensive Horis aren't worth an extra hundred dollars (there are a few RAPs listed by vendors on eBay for around $150 shipped. This is insane. A friend of mine was bidding on a RAP and *just* missed out on it for about $120 shipped. I got mine for $88 all told, new in box. It pays to wait for an auction if you really want one.)
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    Hey thx for looking and stuff. But i already bought ken's. I guess it would've been good to say that. Or something...
  5. I bought this baby today.

    Although it's a PS3 stick, it doesn't require any configuration. Plug it and that's it.

    It's heavy, beautiful and responsive. It's a real pleasure to rediscover arcade games with the real (well, kinda) stuff.

    But let's go back to the Tetris experience: I felt a little clumsy and my game was awfully slow when I first tried it, but when I reached hi-speed it really felt just... great. Adequate.

    I even reached 1 in TAP on my first try, something I've never done before ^^

  6. Hooray for joysticks! [​IMG]

    It's nice to hear that one is simply plug and play. I've heard Hori's Fighting Stick 3 isn't simple to get working.
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    i wish they had that when i bought my joystick... Oh well mine works just fine.
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    do you know how often it checks for inputs? does it run USB and if so 1 or 2? looks very nice. congrats.
  9. I don't know. But I can check it if you tell me how to do it.

    USB (that's how you plug it into your PS3/PC)

  10. To answer matt specifically, PS3 and all its accessories are USB 2.0, though not all its accessories will necessarily plug-and-play on a PC.
  11. i saw that hori ps3 pad at ebgames today... made me want to get it.
  12. It would either be 125Hz (which is standard for USB items using the Human Interface Device protocol) or 60Hz (which is standard for most consoles). If I had one, then I'd find out for you...

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