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Thread in 'Hardware' started by cdsboy, 14 Dec 2006.

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    Even if they're USB, that doesn't necessarily mean that they follow the USB Human Interface Device profile. For example, the Xbox controllers are electrically USB, but the protocol on top of USB differs slightly from HID. They may need separate drivers, but homemade drivers for input devices will not work under the new driver signing requirements of Windows Vista. (I have no idea how input device drivers on Mac OS X work.)
  3. I own the Real Arcade Pro 2, the predecessor to one of the items listed in the article. The thing is positively huge, but feels great since it uses the actual Sanwa joysticks used in arcades. As it uses the real thing, I could open it up and turn the stick's guide part to restrict movement to 4 directions.

    There actually was a limited edition model of this stick which used components by Seimitsu instead of Sanwa (another major arcade parts manufacturer in Japan.) Different people prefer different stick makers; In some TGM locations, the arcade operators actually knew enough to install different sticks on 1P and 2P and let the player choose.
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    Do the X-Arcade products suck?
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    i was wondering that myself... this one by x-arcade doesn't seem to cost, and it looks like it would be great for what i'd like to do.
  6. x-arcade-- ewwww. you can find much better quality arcade sticks for that price.
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  8. that street fighter jam one looks pretty slick.

    any quality ps2 stick + pc converter.

    i bet you can find a good xbox360 arcade stick, which plugs nicely into pc usb.
  9. If you've got the tools/ability to make your own, it's quite a bit cheaper than buying a premade one. Like half the price if that.

    For an entry level quick fix, Nick's suggestion is the one I hear most. I've heard mildly negative things about the x-arcade I can't recall.
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    I've been interested about joysticks to...

    I asked enueik(youtube), what he used as a joystick and he said he used the HORI. Anyway if anyone gets a joystick like Hori i'd love to find out if it works on osx.

    Does it look like this?

    nevermind!, wouldn't mind finding out what joystick it is though.
  11. If you want the real thing, you need this:

    Sega's virtua stick, basically, the home version of the astro city panel, initially made for the sega saturn and now available for computers !
  12. HORI is the company that makes the Real Arcade Pro, using components from Sanwa/Seimitsu. It makes various other gaming peripherals as well.

    My RAP2 looks like this. Pretty much eclipses the 15-inch PowerBook.

    The RAP2 is made for the PlayStation 2, but I use a converter to connect it to the Mac/PC. I own both a USB and Parallel Port (DirectPad Pro) converter, but according to test data, both converters need to do better as they don't poll input at 60 times per second.

    No no no no. If you really want the REAL THING, you need this:


    The Virtua Stick PRO, which is literally the Astro City arcade control panel chopped off from the rest of the cabinet. (What was Sega thinking?) Everything is identical to the arcade cabinet, including compatibility with swappable custom control panels for games like Virtual-On. Obviously, it is so huge that it makes the RAP2 look tiny in comparison [​IMG]

    Both the Virtua Stick and Virtua Stick Pro uses Sanwa components BTW.
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    Do you notice this lag in TGM?

    Defiantly considering on buying a joystick now but I'm going to have to try and find out what i'll be able to get here in the uk....
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    so how much would one of these joysticks cost?

  15. I meant to play tgm on your computer. As you said, the usb adapter devices mostly suck (I play with a soulcalibur hori modded arcade stick using a usb adaptor and it's not as cool as on THE real thing:


  16. Of course, the next step is to start breeding them:


    Seriously though, that Virtua Stick PRO looks awesome, but it's 3/4 the price of a used Astrocity cabinet.

    And I tried to hunt for a good Real Arcade PRO for you cdsboy, but crazily enough it weighs so much that it costs like an extra $60 to ship it anywhere. [​IMG]
  17. i can only agree:

    most usb gamepads totally suck.

    my f*kng usb gamepad from impact is so unprecise on the direction controller. 50% the time i press right / left, it produces an additional up / down movement..

    i opened this piece of garbage and found that the mechanics is of the cheapest sort: just a platine with some rubber gum that makes the contacts, the rubber gets pressed by the plastic crossthing.

    holy shit. seems i have wasted around 20$. next thing i will buy is an competition pro with real electrical microswitches. or i just keep using my keyboard.
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    You've just got to find the right one. I'm quite happy with my Logitech Precision gamepad. Not only is it the cheapest one on the market (at least here in the states), but it's very comfortable and exceptionally responsive. After a few weeks of experimenting with joysticks and keyboards, going back to it was a breath of fresh air.

    Speaking of joysticks, I have a HORI stick that I don't need anymore. It's the Tekken 5 special edition that came out a couple years ago with the game. Basically the same as the Real Arcade Pro. I was using it with a USB converter and there wasn't any lag that I noticed. If anyone is interested, PM me and we might be able to work something out.
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