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  1. so over the past month i started making a heavily tgm-inspired puzzle game. it's still a work in progress and not really ready to be released yet, but i wanted to see if people would be interested in playing this

    basically you click on a tile and 4 pieces come in, one from each direction and they go as far as they can

    if three or more tiles of the same color touch they disappear and you score points, certain tiles may be rearranged afterwards

    the game ends if you place a block on the outer border.

    timings get faster as you progress through the levels. specifically, the time you're given to place tiles, the time it takes for blocks to appear, for blocks to disappear, and for blocks to get rearranged after clears. level 20 (the last level before getting a game clear) is especially fast and panic-inducing. i've only managed to clear it 4 times, but this particular run would have gotten me a grand master rank if i had cleared it!

    the game keeps stats on your times and scores. i used this information to set time and score standards for ranks.

    panic mode, inspired by shirase, is incredibly sadistic and i may have to tweak it since i can't clear it. the farthest i've ever gotten is level 9. your class is determined by the number of sections you clear under 18 seconds (and the number of sections you clear in over 24 seconds).

    finally, here's a gameplay demo - from my favorite mode, limit mode, where you're given 3 minutes to clear as many blocks as you can, and you get additional time as you make clears. featuring blatantly ripped off TGM music!

    here's an even older demo, of normal mode, also featuring blatantly ripped off TGM music. back then i had an issue where two falling blocks would try to occupy the same space. this has since been resolved.

    comments, criticism, suggestions welcomed.
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  2. This actually looks like a genuinely fun idea.
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