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  1. Dear TGM masters

    1) Do you move the stick all the way against the restrictor gate, or just past the activation point?
    2) Do you use DAS for all non-single movements or do you still use double/triple tap sometimes?
    3) Is there an advantage to using A+C buttons for 180 degrees rotation instead of double tapping A

    love u all :wub:
  2. I wouldn't call myself a master, but I guess I can throw my $0.02 in the mix.

    1) I move the stick all the way to the gate. I don't see the benefit in not doing so.
    2) There are quite a few finesse movements that require double tapping. There are none that I use that require triple tapping, however. Usually you can just DAS, then move back one instead.
    3) I'm on the fence on this one. I didn't use it at all before last year, and I still don't use it in 20G. It does make 0G play go by a little quicker for me, though.
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  3. Grind 'da gate. For fighting games, words of the wise say to minimize motions, but I don't think it applies as much to TGM.

    Double tapping is still common in non-20G sections, especially in TGM1, since you can't sonic drop then use kicks against the playfield. Even in 20G, there are cases where you'll have to double tap, such as when your playfield is flat.

    Triple tapping should be extra rare, but there are ways around it, like in this case:

    In terms of what you can achieve using only A+B, just look at KevinDDR. He doesn't use C at all, but still has all the accolades. Optimization using C looks cool and is marginally faster though.
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  4. I go all the way to the restrictor. I do it without thinking. And when you're playing TAP or TI, riding the gate makes the zangi moves easy.

    I try to DAS wherever I can, but I do use double taps, particularly in low G situations where you can't DAS and catch the piece on the terrain. I try to avoid triple taps as much as possible, though.

    I make liberal use of A+C for 180 rotations. I feel like I play faster when I do. For reference, I recently injured my ring finger, so I've been playing with A and B only for about 3 weeks. My pb using all three A, B and C in TGM1 is Gm in10:41, but my best run using only A and B has been a Gm in 11:06. Adjusting to using only 2 rotation buttons has taken some time (and I'm still not fully adjusted), so don't think that using A+C for 180 rotations is going to cut 25 seconds off your time. Once my finger is healed, I plan on going back to making use of A+C for 180 rotations.
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  5. there's no real advantage to using C apart from maybe like a frame or two; i use AC 180s because they're fun
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  6. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    A-C is much less stressful then tapping A-A. It is well worth learning.

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