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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Ai, 18 Apr 2008.

  1. Ai


    Hi everyone! I'm so glad I found this forum and its awesome wiki!

    About a month ago a friend of mine bought tetris ds and was like this is so much fun. At first I didn't really understand why, but then he lent me some ds games and tetris ds was one of them. Before I knew I was totally absorbed into the game and it didn't take long before I got my own copy. For weeks only improving my tetris ds points was on my mind and as I got better I was interested to know where I stood and quite honestly I was shocked to see I was nowhere (cyberscore.net and this site made me realize that). Reading some basic entries in your wiki helped me improve my tetris points from about 16000 to my current score of 21449 and I'm still trying to figure out how I can get better. I haven't really played wifi yet because I'm still waiting for the WFC I've ordered to play the game online.

    Also shocking was the fact that infinity seems to have "broken" the game. So I decided to play the games that made tetris great.

    Recently I found out about t-spins which I haven't tried to master yet and which seems very difficult. But they seem to be a key part in the recent tetris versions.

    I've been playing different versions to improve my game. Most of the tetris versions I've played are from Nintendo on handheld:


    Tetris DX

    Magical Tetris Challenge

    Tetris Advance (Can someone share his/her 2 minute score attack score for reference, because I can't to seem to find anything about it on the net)

    I've also played the homebrew ds version of Lock Jaw which is phantastic. The level of customization is awesome. My current 180 seconds score is 26400 and my current 40 lines score is 1:28:38. My tpm is between 55 and 70 most of the time. I'm at my best when I'm in some sort of trance where I feel almost one with the game... I'll try to upload the pictures I've taken of my personal records later. I read that I needed to copy a txt file but I didn't know how to do it on the ds version so I took pictures.

    Currently I'm working on my speed and stacking and have more than enough trouble getting better. My strategy at the moment is to stack on the left side and use an opening on the far right for tetrises.

    I came here to ask you on how a noob like myself could improve his game. My questions:

    1. Which stacking method(s) should I try to master? Should I keep using SRS or is mastering ARS or something else essential?

    2. How do I get used to t-spins. Any stacking method(s) I should try to master?

    3. Which tetris versions are the best to play and what options to use?

    4. Do you play with keyboard or gamepad on pc or are there any other ways like an arcade stick? I found it very hard to play Lock Jaw on pc with my keyboard. Maybe it's because I'm used to playing on handhelds.

    5. Any other valuable tips you can give? Maybe there is a thread somewhere with all the information I need?

    6. Also how do I post pictures of my highscores? Do I need to send them to someone?

    I'm looking forward to improve my game!

    Thanks in advance for your guidance!
  2. Welcome to the forum.

    This is something only you can answer.. I think you should stick to whatever's the most fun for you to play.

    There are plenty of setups to take advanage of T-spins, one of the more frequently used is the ST-stacking setup that can be seen here:

    http://www.tetrisconcept.com/wiki/index ... T_stacking

    But I think you should focus on recognizing T-spin opportunities at first before you go out of your way to create them.. it'll probably only slow you down until you're really good at it.

    Again, this is something that's up to you - what do you want to play? Do you want to focus on the rules from a single game or do you want to play many different types of rule sets?

    I (and many others here on TC) play with an arcade stick.. it makes the most sense to me since I pretty much exclusively play arika style tetris nowadays, and the TGM series were developed with arcade controls in mind.

    Read, watch the masters, don't be afraid of asking questions (even if they do seem like stupid questions) - and generally just play a lot. Also, don't be disheartened if you find that you're playing really bad at times - you will still get better with time.

    A screenshot or a photo (if you're playing on hardware where you can't take screenshots) should do it.
  3. If you think this video is awesome and you want to aim to become this great, I suggest ARS:


    I am an ARS player myself. But The Tetris Company is currently killing ARS. (ARS is allowing players to become too good I guess)

    SRS is the future, and T-Spins is the way to go.

    There is possibly other Tetris games on their way, so the future is not set. You made a good choice coming here. You are welcome to stay [​IMG]
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    1. Which stacking method(s) should I try to master? Should I keep using SRS or is mastering ARS or something else essential?

    --> The left construction with tetris on the right seems to be the best..Don't forget to think with : "stability, security, max opening"

    If you feel fine with SRS (from your DS experience) continu on this way..There is no particular domination of one here..Both system are represented by lot of strong player here, and over the world..

    But the best system existing on the earth, and which is not official, is the DRS, present in Heboris and DTET..

    2. How do I get used to t-spins. Any stacking method(s) I should try to master?

    --> [​IMG] ? I could answer : PRACTICE

    3. Which tetris versions are the best to play and what options to use?

    --> I recommand you to find and install an advanced version of Heboris, in one game, you will have almost every main modes and options available.

    4. Do you play with keyboard or gamepad on pc or are there any other ways like an arcade stick? I found it very hard to play Lock Jaw on pc with my keyboard. Maybe it's because I'm used to playing on handhelds.

    --> Fastest players here play on a keyboard, but in Japan, the world fastest players play on a joystick..Develop the one where you are the most confident.

    5. Any other valuable tips you can give? Maybe there is a thread somewhere with all the information I need?

    --> Tetris is a big univers..Even today I continu to learn from here and by my own experience, a lot of new information..Try to ask some more accurate questions..step by step..

    6. Also how do I post pictures of my highscores? Do I need to send them to someone?

    --> In the record thread, there is around 20 different leaderboards..

    In every case a picture is recommanded..And we also appreciate videos..

    use this adress if you don't know it :

  5. Ai


    I'll keep it short know because I'm still at school...

    Thank you everyone for your support and advice!

    I'll try to read the wiki asap. Also I'll be experimenting the next couple of weeks to see which tetris version and system suit me best. I'll be spending some time trying out the programs in the records forum and post my personal records too.

    And yes I've seen the Arika movies on youtube. It's when I saw a Japanese guy playing during the credits without actually being able to see the tetrominoes that I got discouraged a while ago. I still can't comprehend it. That was truly a shock and that's when I realized how "easy" Nintendo has made tetris over the years. Okay there is still the t-spin challenge for those that are interested, but still...

    In the 40 lines challenge of lj do you aim to make as much tetrises or do you just focus on clearing singles and/or doubles? I guess in the 180 seconds challenge one must try to create as much tetrises as possible. I'll try to ask specific questions in the lj records thread later. Anyone playing lj on DS and getting impressive scores?

    My main problem as I see it know is my tpm which is pretty low compared to the pros over here. How on earth will I get used to such high speed? Is it even possible to get 150 tpm or more on a ds?

    Also I feel my way of stacking is inferior and playing without ghost is not very easy either. I'll keep practicing and make sure to ask more specific questions in the near future.

    I still have a question concerning the controls. Can anyone recommend a good arcade stick for the pc?

    Right now I'm up for the challenge to get there with the pros. So let's hope it stays that way.

  6. Just to add to this, we're generally easy-going and work on the honour system, so don't worry about proof too much.
  7. Ai: Welcome! As for sticks, the Virtua Stick High Grade ( VSHG ) and Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 ( HRAP3 ) are both very good, popular choices.
  8. Zeta

    Zeta Unregistered

    memorization. even I suck at that, and I end up hyperfocusing as it is. (maybe my ADHD is getting in the way...)
  9. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    it doesn't take having ADHD to be bad at the invisible roll [​IMG] it is hard.
  10. Ai


    So basically the way I was stacking was one of the better ways? So I don't need to change my way of playing if making tetrises is my main focus? Basically I only need to adapt my current strategy when I want to use t-spins or at ultra high speeds. Can you please elaborate on the last part about "stability, security, max opening". Thank you!

    And you don't have to worry about my abilities yet I'm currently no threat to most of you anyway. ^^

    Thank you! It's very much appreciated! I'll be looking for more information later.

    I still have 4 quite important questions:

    1. Should I stop using the ghost function? Will relying on it prevent me from burning the tetrominoes movements in my mind?

    2. This is probably one of my biggest problems and I think I should learn to overcome it soon. So I read that you have to rotate the tetrominoes both clock- and counterclock-wise. Is this really necessary? I can't seem to unlearn this bad habit because I have been playing using one button onlyfor weeks ?

    (Tetris DS Systems Guide)

    Is this what I have to try to master?

    3. I need more speed. Do I need to play games at higher speeds in order to obtain a higher tpm? Or is it just a matter of experience with the way of stacking, using as little button presses as possible and instictively knowing where to put the tetrominoes?

    4. I also have a hard time at higher speeds to keep an eye on the Next pieces. Do you specifically look at the next pieces when you have time or is it a matter of trying to look and play at the same time? Like widening the amount of space you keep track on with your eyes.

    Sorry for my long posts and thank you in advance for any help!
  11. whatever game you play, you need to make full use of the controls. force yourself to use both ccw and cw rotation, and in the case of TGM force yourself to use all 3 when necessary.

    as for knowing the next piece: you will start to see the color of the piece in your peripheral vision
  12. Zeta

    Zeta Unregistered

    I'm not an expert in theoretical strategies (for example, I don't try for T-Spin triples), but I think what he's getting at is "keep it simple, keep it FLAT, and try to leave an opening for potential Tetris's".

    ...at least, that's my play style. it hasn't quite gotten me Invisible Roll yet, but I can break Torikan on Heboris's #4 Master (Master-Extra) mode regularly. (I haven't touched it in a while, though, since I'm working on my own little Heboris script. [Off-Topic: 2 screenshots coming later today ^-^])
  13. Ai


    I'll make this my first priority! I knew I had to correct the bad habit sooner or later.

    So that's what its called Invisible Roll. Interesting. I'll try to keep it simple for now and challenge myself along the way.

    Sorry for the flood of questions in my previous posts! ^.^'
  14. no need to apologize, ask away! as for general speed improvement, you must strengthen many related areas.... you must first see understand how to execute every possible move, and then you must be able to select the move from the set of all moves that 1) maintains stability 2) can be performed quickly

    this is only a very rough treatment, there is much to say about the topic ;D
  15. Welcome Ai! =) I'm "new" to Tetris too. I'm gonna hijack the thread with something, but it's related to being new to Tetris so maybe you'll experience the same thing... Didn't think it was worth a new thread.

    Right now I'm trying to get to level 500 in the mode Special in Texmaster (and being able to get there often). But i suck at keeping myself cool. I die around level 300 +/- 30 levels... I SHOULD be able to control everything at that speed, but the game keeps reminding me (with sounds and speed change) that I'm leveling up and getting nearer a high score, which makes me stress out... And when I do that I press buttons wrong, doesn't think clearly and just messes everything up.

    How do the pros in here handle the stress? Is the best tip to prevent this problem by... practicing? Is there a good way to think about the game which makes you not stress out as much? etc... :'<
  16. The only way to get used to stress is habituation. Also, even though new personal bests get all the attention, it's good to be more interested in increasing your average performance. When your goals are long term, you're much less likely to be stressed by any one individual performance.
  17. ei


    Also, it's good to get in the habit of not worrying about the score/grade/level of play every once in a while. I've found that some of my better games are when I play a "let's just play a round or two for the fun of it", and when I finish I usually go "whoa. That was a lot better than I thought it'd be".

    In other words, don't forget that Tetris is a game and at some level, you should be having fun while you play. =)

    Also, practice will help a lot; though the general ability to deal with anxiety is a big help--even "mundane" things like practicing your public speaking, performing a musical instrument, or other similar stress-inducing situations can help your Tetris ability simply because you can handle the stress better. I know my personal experience with musical performances has greatly helped my general ability to stay cool under pressure.

  18. kiwibonga

    kiwibonga Unregistered

    Wait till they match you up against DIGITAL in a tournament. :cries:
  19. Ai


    Thank you for your contributions hector and everyone else! I'll try to ask more specific questions in the future so as to keep improving. ^^

    Thank you and welcome too! I have the same problem and this is not just limited to tetris either. Like someone already mentioned I seem to be at my best when I just play for the fun of it without worrying about anything else.

    Also for some weird reason I get quite good scores just before sleeping when I'm half asleep...
  20. Another Swedish guy. Welcome!

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