I played the Nintendo World TDS Champion

Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 26 Jul 2006.

  1. That would be one of them..... The 100 minute NES commercial!! Anybody know what the second one is? I've seen the second movie I'm thinking of multiple times and just realized the Powerglove was in the about 6 months ago...
  2. Response (should have made the text a bit bigger)
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    Wow the thing that got me here is that jwong plays TDS. That's awesome.
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    FYI, Triforce is talking smack about colour_thief over on the Twin Galaxies forums, claiming he was just messing around and came back and tied colour_thief but that was left of the video. I'm not buying it.

    http://www.twingalaxies.com/forums/view ... c&start=99

  5. ... I'm just hoping this doesn't turn into a forum war.
  6. Man, I've been reading the entire post on TG. Seems like most of the people on that forum seem to disagree with Triforce's idea on Honor and Chivalry. I can't say that he isn't lying since I wasn't there to watch CT fight him. He says he was trying out different strategies in the beginning, which could be a plausible excuse, but he was losing some games in a minute or less.

    Anyways, the thread on TG is making my head hurt. I can't believe someone with a "world record" would suggest anything other than games being competitive.
  7. Fact is that c_t is hardly the best Tetris DS player among us, and I don't think he'd ever try and argue otherwise. The likes of Digital and Blink could absolutely annihilate him, whether he was trying or not.

    And we're in private? Well, yes, to an extent, but we have videos, and we have screenshots. They're not undeniable proof of achievements, but does he really expect that we should all go phone Twin Galaxies or whatever and pester them until they send people round to our houses and officially have the games as records?
    He's lucky enough to hold the sort of position which he does. It's easy for him to say we should "get up and do something", but is it really that easy for us? Did he ever "get up and do something", or did they come to him?
    I mean, if I actually told Twin Galaxies that I could set a new "world record" for Tetris, would they send someone out to me?

    Fact is, we're doing nothing more than berating the fact that someone is calling it a "world record" when there are Tetris players out there who are clearly far better. It's not that some of us could beat him over, say twenty matches. It's that some of us could come pretty close to beating him something like 20-0.
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    Triforce might as well sign up at tetrisonline.jp. it's free, there are plenty of quality players, and it's fun. if he appreciates strong competition in SRS single player and multiplayer, that's the place to be. he can even use a usb gamepad if it's more comfortable for him.

    i'd sign up at twingalaxies to let him know about the game, but that's really all i would have to say, and i would feel like i was butting in and challenging him to prove himself. apparently he's been reading up on this thread so i hope he comes back here again.
  9. Given the Digital vs Triple Lei 10-0 video, I'd say that Digital is one of them...
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    Realistically speaking, though, everyone who posted in this thread could probably pull a 50-0 against Mr. World Record Holder. [​IMG]
  11. You would have to say that while quoting Lardarse of all people [​IMG]

    (I love you really)
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    Maybe he should spend less time here shaking his head in absolute horror at what he's gotten himself into, and should go back to practicing his lemonparty tributes with Wendel and Mitchell.

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