I played the Nintendo World TDS Champion

Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 26 Jul 2006.

  1. There were tournaments all over the place (albeit mainly London) around it's PAL launch but they have predictably dried up now.

    With a rating of 7798 you're almost certainly top at TDS in the UK but I'm still waiting for you to become the next GM [​IMG]
  2. tetrisdude

    tetrisdude Unregistered

    I wonder if I'm the best TDS player in PA.

    That would be cool. [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Hmm, you could say I'm lagging behind, but I have noticed myself improving steadily on TDS as a result of playing TGM/TAP/Heboris. My preview foresight have improved drastically. After a long TDS break, I came back, fought some tetlag, and became a much stronger player.

  4. I feel you might have a long wait [​IMG]

    EDIT: Or perhaps not as long as I thought...
  5. http://www.empirearcadia.com/community/com-135.htm


    Will people please stop fellating this guy for being a mediocre Tetris player?

    ...I think Ex_Mosquito was at this event, right? Did you see any of this?
  6. What fucking record? What perfect game?

    If I'd known this arrogant pretender was going to do something like that I'd have bought a train ticket to London and gone myself just to kick his ass.
  7. hah, this guy would get destroyed by more than half of TC

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Oh god...Youtube wasn't enough so he had to get himself plastered all over the media and in the Guinness books? Most of us may have different ideas of what perfect really is, but I'm sure we can all agree that Triforce is far from it. I'm cringing at the prospect of him becoming the face for high level Tetris players everywhere. [​IMG]
  9. /bows before the mighty triforce-- player of the perfect game of tetris.
  10. Muf


    Well, if Guinness was there and he set a world record, I think it's time for some of us to break that world record [​IMG]
  11. There have been a bunch of videos sitting on Youtube for at least a year now, all obsoleting and destroying his "perfect" game.

  12. Yes, but we all know Twin Galaxies+Guiness World Records is THE authority when it comes to this sort of thing. [​IMG] Clearly the at least tens of thousands of plalyers who can do better are all lying, and the yourube videos are fake. I mean, how could they beat PERFECTION??
  13. It'd be nice if someone interrupted the middle of his "perfect game" saying 'Wait a minute, can't you get more points if you use t-spins instead?'

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    It HAS been awhile. Maybe he perfected the art of STing since his last perfect game...
  15. jujube

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    but as Triforce would say, you would just keep tying it.

    right, you'd think with him always playing level 20, sooner or later he'd make an [esoteric jargon]EZ-TSzero[/esoteric jargon] and beat his perfect score by a little.

  16. Amusingly enough, watching the video of his "perfect game" I actually noticed he had the perfect opportunity for one, and he rotated the T the other way and therefore didn't get it.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    What would be funny is if he discovered that while going for the world record. [​IMG]
  18. Phydeaux

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    Well, one of us is going to have to call Guinness and do this ourselves.
  19. thomasgx1

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    errr, I was down at the event on the Saturday (not sun) and didnt' see anything about this..

    Rosti, let me know when you're next in london and we can play some local fi.
  20. matchbow

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    why was i not informed of a tetris tourney in toronto? if he was the best they had, i know i could've thrown in another 5 wins for canada.

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