I/O Boards? Dongle? Video?

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  1. Alright. So I was running through Kevin's Youtube channel when I saw his New Astro City video. He said he had a Taito Type X, a dongle, and an I/O board.

    So the Taito Type X is the PC, but the game isn't in the Type X? Is that what the dongle is? Is that pretty much a USB with TGM3 in it?

    The I/O Board has been mentioned a couple times on Tetris Concept, so I want to explain AND BE CORRECTED so I know what I am talking about.

    There are two types of I/O Boards correct? JVS to JAMMA and vice versa. Most cabs are JAMMA cabs, so the JVS to JAMMA is what I will focus on. So from what I understand.... There is a USB that connects from the Type X to the I/O Board and the JAMMA harness connects to the I/O Board.... where does the JVS plug-in come into play? (lol, plug n' play HAHAHAHAHAHHA... ok i'm done).

    I've seen online some TGM3 boards with the JAMMA connections already sticking out of the Type X. Sooo... I dunno... scam? Maybe...

    Also, I'm looking diagram on Arcade Otaku...


    I thought the I/O Board also takes care of Sound and Display? Arcade monitors use VGA connectors? Again... does the JVS harness have any purpose here? And doesn't the Type X have a built in PSU?

    I appreciate all the help guys.
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  2. The stretched video just has to do with how your monitor and video card displays different aspect ratios. If either your monitor or video card supports it, you can tell it to maintain the correct aspect ratio when the resolution changes.
  3. oh ok
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    The dongle has the decryption key needed to mount the hard drive, which has the game on it.

    So we have the typex itself, the game's hard driv,e and the matching dongle.
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  5. K


    If I understand well your question.
    The JVS also called JAMMA2 is the replacement format for JAMMA. Basically it's supposed to enhance the communication between systems and replace the stiff but good old wiring JAMMA. JVS games like TGM3 have controls through a kind of USB. So you still need a JVS to JAMMA to physically wire and convert it to something the game/ console can understand.. like any game controller like playstation/xbox..
  6. I see. Thanks.

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