I need a strategy..

Thread in 'Strategy' started by tetris n00b, 6 Aug 2009.

  1. I need help I suck...I'm better than the average white boy in Tetris, but that's not saying much...
  2. which game are you playing?
  3. uhh I need to be faster in sprint...
  4. then play faster! do u want me to whip u? >:(
  5. It is not that simple...I can't just wake up and be some kind of superhuman Tetris player...
  6. Strategy: Just keep playing.
    You're right when you say: "I can't just wake up and be some kind of superhuman Tetris player... "

    You need to practice.
  7. Practice is all it takes! They are not kidding. Don't focus so much on the short term. For the most part skill progresses slow and it often feels like you're not getting better because you can't see it moving.

    You've got to give us more detail about your current skill level before we can give you more tangible advice. Are you using both rotation buttons? What's your speed? Are there particular situations where you don't know what to do?
  8. I didnt even know there were 2 rotation buttons...My fastest current time is about 2:22 and I know what to do in most situations...
  9. Rotating both ways, using DAS rather than tapping to the sides and with some practice you should be able to get your time down to 1 minute pretty rapidly.
  10. using hold piece helps too. I see too many people oblivious to this feature.
  11. Oh no, I use the hold function quite frequently. And I've tried with 2 rotation buttons and no one I know uses the 2nd rotation button...
  12. Everyone who is remotely good uses the 2nd rotation button
  13. I think there are a few tetrinet players who got fast with only one button, but they're the exception. And there's no disputing they wouldn't be faster using 2.
  14. You need patience. You should play atleast a little bit everyday. You need to lay down the foundation before you can do the more advanced techniques.
  15. I started training with 2 rotation buttons and I'm the same speed as I am with 1 rotation
  16. ;)
  17. Yeah, just give it more time and you'll feel the speed. :)

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