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  1. First of all, Hi everyone.

    I've been lurking around the forums for some time and finally decided to register here. While I am no pro at all in terms of Tetris and/or TGM, the series fascinated me since that famour Death 800 video. Though I used MAME to play TGM and TAP, I got the ... PC dump of Ti last year. If I ever hit Japan some day, I'd sure really like to check out the real thing in an arcade of course.
    While not being the real thing, at least I am happy to play that awesome game :)

    Now I'd like to know two specific things I didn't find any useful info or simply used the wrong search terms (Google and tetrisconcept as well).

    1.) How does the falling speed increase work with user accounts in Ti?
    The wiki says it changes depending on your skill, but does this "skill" only covers your current game (I may think number of tetrises, block placement, no holes etc.) or also is affected by your long-term progess from your last few games, like exams take into account? I mean, I am not that good, so in Master the game slows down at lv 300 (like its TGM and TAP always do), to speed up again, eventuelly hitting 20G at lv 500 for me, if I get that far however. Lately it doesn't slow down at lv 300, but continues increasing, sometimes in resulting in change of background/music at lv 400 (no 20G though then). Does it mean I simply am faster than a specific hidden time to make the game think "Oh, that player is not THAT bad anymore, let's tack the speed on a bit more!"? Or does it even account the previous playthroughs, I usually end up only at 4 or 3 grade, rarely 2. Often hitting the lv 500 torikan, recently made it with FIVE seconds to spare ;)

    2.) Sometimes I see little sparks or little ... meteors (?) floating down diagonally in Master mode. It often happens when the game ends, sometimes in-game, I saw up to three of them flying around. I always forget a screenshot or am simply too slow to do it. Is that kind of indication you did good or bad in a section/your overall skill progess?

    Hope I put up those question in an understandable way. Thanks for your answers.
  2. 1/ depends on your current game

    2/ I think those meteors just spark randomly ^^
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    For the meteor, it may be random..Nobody yet has brought a consistant and solid explanation. Sometimes you see 10 meteor coming and it is just disturbing..

    For the speed curves, each games are independant, a bad performance with a slow speed curve wont affect the next games or the next examination. The examination just occures because of the precedents grades only. There is a calculation of the average of your last grades and this only decides if you can have an examination or a demotion.
    I heard that the basic calcul depends if during your last 7 games, 4 of them at least were above your current qualified grade. Exemple :

    You are grade 5 qualified and you do :

    8 - 4 - 4 - 6 - 5 - 2 - 3

    Here you have 4 performances above your current qualif grade, so you have a very strong probability to have the grade 4 examination...

    To know more about the speed curve :


    You made a mistake btw, the game slow down at 200 not 300 ^^

    20G can come the earliest at 300, for this you need at least 2 or 3 COOLs on the 3 first section. Look the link I pasted here to know how to trigger the COOLs.
  4. Muf


    There is concensus among those who have reverse engineered Ti that it has something to do with qualification and current performance (playing better/worse than qualified/average, something along those lines). The fact that you only get shooting stars when you're logged in seems to support this.
  5. Thanks for your answers.

    Interesting how that meteor thing is unresolved, and sadly even Arika didn't tell us too much about it.

    Finally read the COOL/REGRET section in its entirety. This also explains why I sometimes hit a slightly higher grade when being slower and I die for instance at 350, while on another game reaching a bit over 500 equals in a 4 (according to Amnesia's explanation and the wiki too many revelant REGRETs, at least those which count against the internal grade).

    Today I also installed Nullpomino the first time, because Heboris UE doesn't run solid 60 FPS here. While I am no high-level player, I noticed quite some more fluid controls in Nullpomino compared to TGM3 emulated. While the TGM3 dump runs at rock-stable 60 FPS, according to tools which monitor and display for frames in-game, it feels a tiny bit more delayed (and I really mean tiny bit). I am using the good ol' keyboard, at least it makes using softdrop-lock in ARS not a chore, uniike with a gamepad. Also Nullpomino seems to be one of the most accurate versions out there, because my performance in both the dump and NP I achieve about the same results.

    Another question: Didn't touch Shirase too much yet, but watching some Youtube videos from KevinDDR, colour thief and others, some of them achieved S12 or S13 in Shirase before actually attaining that GM rank in Master mode (leaving them with MM or whatever rank they had before getting GM). My newbiesh theory might be, that an exam comes up only so-and-so-often, also requiring you to score a lot of tetrises in the invisible roll, and while practicing in a non-exam you won't get feedback if it was enough for GM. No result window telling you it the exam succeeded or failed when you are not in one ;). While Shirase still is hard as hell, but "only" requires you to survive to 1300. Or am I am completely missing the point?
  6. Nullpomino is very accurate, however it's not a great TGM clone because of the input management. If you're not using WORLD, I suggest you try Texmaster. It's pretty accurate, and more people are playing that, so you'll have a better idea where you stand and what not, if that interests you.

    As far as I know, no one in the western world has gotten S13 or GM with CLASSIC. The thing about Master is, it requires you to be pretty consistent. In order to get the GM exam you have to get GM-worthy runs consistently, and then you have to get a GM run on the exam run.

    There are ways of training for the roll, you could use a clone or the tool K worked on, you can find that here. Both options tell you how many grades you got in the roll and how much time you survived. Obviously, if one is aiming for GM surviving is a must.

    As for Shirase, a few people have gotten S13 in Texmaster and probably haven't gotten it on Ti because they don't play it as much or don't have access to it.
  7. Amnesia

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    humm mm..

    It is also absolutly true that Texmaster is easier to play than the real ti, ti has a natural input lag that texmaster doenst have...I think someone who can get S13 on sudden ti will be potentialy able to make it on TI but still there is a slight difference.
  8. In order to get the GM exam, 4 of your last 7 games have to be GM grade or higher (as in, at least 10 singles or 1 Tetris more than you would need to get MM). If this condition is met, then there is a chance that you could get the GM exam. However, whether or not you get the exam when you've met that condition is basically a dice roll.
  9. Zaphod77

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    Considering that one of the meters on the end of game statistics for TI is in fact completely random (and this is proven), it wouldn't surprise me if there was some randomness in the shooting stars, even though they only show when logged in.
  10. Muf


    Except that there is a reason the fifth statistic is bogus; Japanese are obsessed with pentagon-shaped statistics, and they only had four metrics to base stats on, so they made up the fifth one.
  11. K


    HOPEFULLY the game increasing speed don't depend of your account history !
    ervybody get the same rules for every starting game. The gameplay speed evolve depending of your mastering skills for the current game only.
    The game account mostly only remember your best on each game mode.
    The medal earning system is annoying cause it waste time and basically reward you for putting coin in the game.
    about the gameplay system you got the details. you are rewarded for your steadiness by speed increase. but that doesn't mean you must play fast even if ultimately it's what you want and what you get.

    there is no full proof but only guess.
    the shiny comets falling on the screen come in 2 situations :
    - when you do fast and efficient stacking, especially if better than usual.
    - at the grade display to indicate that you are close to be demoted/promoted
    colors and quantity seem random
    i also noticed it can come when you do a very very last moment swich (hold), but may be unrelated..
  12. The bar graph is easy enough to interpret, but what exactly does that pentagon chart show/measure? Just curious.

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