I had to change the restrictor on my VSHG.

Thread in 'Hardware' started by lee n, 7 Mar 2008.

  1. So, I had to change the restrictor on my Virtua Stick High Grade today. I have managed to inflict a crack in that plastic spring mechanism that keeps the center disc of the restrictor in place - this caused it to move during play and hence it was not doing its job as a restrictor anymore.

    (click to enlarge)


    Now, imagine if this would've happened on a cheaper arcade stick with proprietary parts that you can't just go out and replace for $3 - then you'd have to buy a completely new arcade stick. I certainly understand the appeal of a cheaper "my first stick" but if it isn't made to last then you'll have to ask yourself if it really is cheaper in the long run, it might just end up being more expensive if it doesn't follow the arcade standard for the parts.

    This is one of many reasons why you want to go with the more expensive high quality arcade sticks with parts from Sanwa or Seimitsu if you're considering buying one. Just a little FYI.
  2. I plan on buying an arcade stick for Super Turbo HD. Do you know of any sticks that use Sanwa/Seimitsu parts and support the headset? What do you think of this one? (I plan on doubling it for PC Tetris. It'll be my first joystick Tetris encounter.)

    edit: Are Magstick Plus or Perfect 360 better than Sanwa?
  3. Muf


    I doubt you're going to find anyone here who prefers anything other than Sanwa or Seimitsu.
  4. I have seen people mod the VSHG to use on the Xbox 360, they even installed a port for the headset. I don't know how difficult this mod would be to pull off, or if there are people performing the mod as a service.

    No clue. I have no experience with the Mag-Stik and it's not even covered on this list.

  5. Super Turbo is my fav game of all time. Do you play Sf:anniversary on the 360 by any chance? Its backwards compatible on the 360 now. We will have to have a game sometime maybe. I am always up for some ST comp. My live tag is Exm0squito (zero after m)

    A few weeks ago I modded a DC stick with Sanwa parts and a 360 pcb ready for ST_HD. I had to add the extra "home" button on the back, not enough buttons on the Dc stick [​IMG]


  6. I've never heard of someone choosing an American stick for any reason other than "it's what I'm used to and I can't be bothered to learn something new," Tetrinet style. A good friend of mine who is a hardcore Killer Instinct player (lol, not jago... this guy has an original, monstrous KI machine in his game room) tried using Japanese sticks at my recommendation, and after an initial learning curve he now loves them so much he wishes it were simple to install Japanese parts into his KI machine's control panel.
  7. I'm curious why the Mag-Stik is a $35 upgrade when a Sanwa JLF is a $12 upgrade on that page.

    Sounds overpriced if anything.
  8. don't forget about seimitsu! ST cabs actually have seimitsu sticks in japan...

    actually Happs are the preferred stick for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 because they return to neutral a lot faster, also the American layout is preferred over the japanese layout as well because it's easier to mash the buttons during supers if they're in a straight line.
  9. Muf


    I think the "feature" here is that you can change it from 4-way to 8-way via an external switch instead of opening up your cab/control panel/stick housing to change the restrictor. "The ingenious design of the mechanism actually rotates an internal restrictor plate and also rotates the microswitch actuator for a perfect 4-8 way action."
  10. We didn't. Seimitsu has been mentioned several times in this thread already.

    I don't know about you, but my fingers are of varying lengths. The japanese layout is designed with this ratio in mind, having the buttons in a straight line just seems uncomfortable to me.
  11. I am thinking about buying an octagonal restrictor.

    Its just easier for me when I can move the stick in a circle easier.
  12. cdsboy

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    I have one, and while it is great for fighting games, i do not recommend it for tetris.
  13. Still gonna try.

    I can't do Zangi moves at all.

    I need something that makes moving in a circle a little easier.
  14. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    If you do try doing zangi-moves with an 8-way, you might need to post-process the signals coming out of the joystick so that diagonals do not interfere with the game logic. Lockjaw has an option for this (Control > Allow diagonal motion: Off), and so does Heboris Lite (Game > 8-way Input: Off). I don't know whether MAME, Zinc, or Texmaster can do it.
  15. MAME can.

    And I already set Heboris for it.

  16. I don't think he's talking about typical play. I'm not very familiar with MVC2, but I think he's talking about mashing all the buttons together.

  17. I think you're better off with the diamond 4-way restriction simply for speed. Once you get used to it, and realise how sensitive the stick is to activate the directions, Zangi's can be done very quickly.

    Also, the way a VSHG seems to detect directions means that 8-way doesn't actually mess with input as far as everything works.

    8-way: press up, press right, release up, press down, release right

    4-way: press up, release up, press right, release right, press down

    In fact, with the 4-way restriction on the VSHG, there is a very small point between the two directions where you have diagonal input.

  18. yeah in MvC2 there are some specials that do more damage if you mash the buttons so having the buttons in a straight american layout allows you to rake your hand across the buttons better.

    I also think that happ's competition buttons are the best. They're responsive, very low profile and have that oh so satisfying click when pressed. Sanwas are too sensitive. Even after getting used to them they still feel unneedlessly sensitive. Seimitsu buttons aren't bad, they're in between competition and sanwas plus they make those awesome clear buttons that you can put art underneath.

    I say the best all around arcade stick would have a sanwa JLF and happ cometition buttons in a japanese layout but my next stick will definitely be all seimitsu because seimitsu has the style department all locked up. Bubble tops, artwork underneath the buttons, led light up mod... mmmm....

  19. I am a person who can get used to something very fast.

    Like stepmania, I played index for over 8 months, then moved to spread, and got overall used to it in a week.
  20. I think you're also neglecting the way the restrictor wears though. I'm pretty sure mine is already less square than it was when I got it.

    I don't find a circular motion necessary. I just move the stick down while applying light pressure to the side also.

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