I finally played Arika on Tetris DS.

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Sully, 20 Apr 2006.

  1. Sully

    Sully Unregistered

    Man, this guy is good. We played 11 matches, he won 10. Some of the matches were close but most were completely one-sided.

    If someone really beat this guy 41-0, I'm afraid. Very afraid.
  2. They had a rematch yesterday. Mihara lost 51-0.

    So yeah, 92 losses total now. [​IMG]
  3. Nick15

    Nick15 Unregistered

    Dude, Akira is something FIERCE.
  4. 1) It's Arika not Akira

    2) It's not the guy's name, it's the name of the company he works for

    3) It's not even his screen name... He changed it a few days ago


    4) See above where he lost 92 - 0 to someone else

    So yeah, I'm not meaning to take a jab at you personally but I couldn't let a post like that slide.
  5. Nick15

    Nick15 Unregistered

    1. Really? I never noticed that.

    2. Yeah, I know that much.

    3. That I didn't know.

    4. Well, he still beat the pants off me outright. As opposed to me at least giving him a run for his money. He's something fierce in my book.

    [​IMG] Don't worry, no offense taken.
  6. Guest

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    Akira(Akira Nishiya) is the president of Arika.

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