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  1. I will research this shit and prepare all tools before opening box for maximum speed. Can someone specify the nut driver sizes I'll need? Kevin mentioned 7mm in AIM but he sounded unsure...

    BTW my HRAP3 is all sitting in its box being all cool under this tree until tomorrow so yeah
  2. I use 7mm for mine.
  3. Okay now you guys need a thread in the records board. [​IMG]
  4. I lost my 7mm connector for mine, so I use a 9/32 inch one.
  5. Mine does the same thing! I switched it back to 8-way and it stopped, though.
  6. Ah! That's the one thing I haven't tried doing. Maybe it's just a flaw in the design of the HRAP. Who knows?
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    i just got an HRAP2 today and haven't noticed any problems with the microswitches. everything feels smooth and responsive. i didn't use it until after it was converted to 4-way.

    oh yeah, and it took me about an hour to convert it. i only had a screwdriver and a pair of pliers (not needle nose). the worst part was putting it back together. it was really really hard getting the nuts back on the bolts, and i wasn't able to tighten them completely, but they seem to be tight enough. i would definitely recommend getting the proper tools before opening the thing up [​IMG] even if it means using 8-way for a while.
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    So on the topic of HRAPs, does anyone know the cheapest place to get a HRAP3 shipped to australia?
  9. I changed from 4-way to 8-way today, for some shmup action for a while. I timed it. 13:00.1. I did not stress, nor did I take it unnecessary slow.
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    Just ordered myself a HRAP3 as my first stick for tetris. The link posted earlier in this thread for a converting to 4-way tutorial is broken. Is it just rotating the gate 45 degrees? Thaaaanks!
  11. Here's a video of how to do it.

    Also, I never posted in this thread about it but I completely disassembled the JLF in my HRAP, removed the bottom dust cover, and put it back together and I haven't had any more clunky noise problems since.
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