How to mod a stick in 4-ways ?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Supernaze7, 19 Jan 2014.

  1. Yes, but I mostly do these fails on the slows sections (before 500) , when I have to do fast up + down moves. I rarely give up a game after reach 500, but before, I mostly don't care...
  2. Except there's literally no reason to give up on a game because of this.

    Your score/grade scales with levels. If you totally screw up 0-500 it can hurt your time, but unless you're aiming for super high grades (m/Gm on TGM2, MasterX on Ti) it really doesn't matter.

    On TAP if you have a perfect 0-500, you're still almost guaranteed to hit 500 with rank 1 at best. If you're playing like a complete noob you'll maybe be rank 3, but usually for a bad game rank 2. From there, getting S9 at 999 is still more than possible so long as you sort things out and play a decent game 750-999.

    If you're going for a time-attack and you know you've lost too much time to ever recover, then restarting is OK. Same for if you're going for M and know you've missed a condition.

    Otherwise all you're doing by restarting is:
    1. Missing out the opportunity to practice recovery and how to play in awkward situations - which will punish you when you're forced to do it at higher speeds if you make a mistake late-on in a run
    2. Throwing away every second of the game you've been playing up until that point
    3. Forcing yourself to start again at lower speeds rather than exposing yourself to the higher speeds in the game
    4. Abandoning a run that could quite easily have been a new personal record if you'd just bothered to persevere

    It is a very bad habit, and I would say 100% that it will slow down your ability to improve as a player.
  3. Maybe you're right Rosti

    So, I will try to don't give up bad starts games now, maybe it will be correct my slips problems and make me better faster

    And I'd again like to thank you guys for helped me !
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  5. Ahah, I'm bad, when I said "I guess I was in 4-way and to do manipulation makes me switch in 8-way", I've juste removed the restrictor from the plate but, today, I've set it back and just turned it, now, I know I am in 4-way and I feel really better with these moves ! :)
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    In almost every game you will meet difficult situations, ill placed holes, misdrops etc. You cannot be consistent unless you learn to fix problems quickly.
    Think about the following situation: You're past 800 and you know are 10 or 20 seconds below your personal best. Everything went well and suddendly a f***ing blunder ruins your stack. Then you will really enjoy the ability to save your game if you practiced it.
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    instead of having to wait a couple extra months before you have that ideal game again ;)

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