How to fix my Datel Arcade Pro joystick ? (down not working)

Thread in 'Hardware' started by m.kevin, 6 Feb 2015.

  1. Hi there ! o/ Still playing with my old-ass stick TGM3, but since the down direction ceased to work, I’m forced to play World exclusively.

    And well, I may be m7 (although I just got demoted this evening), I’m not good at World at all, lol. 99.9% of my misdrops come from trying to rotate/move pieces correctly, I always make holes and/or put the piece 1 column too far =p

    That, and I want to play Classic again. I forgot how awesome it is =p

    The stick in question :


    Thanks in advance for your responses *o*
  2. Have you tried to take it apart to see what's in there ?
  3. I have exactly this stick... well "exactly" as in I removed the horrible bootleg Ryu artwork, replaced the stick and all buttons, and expanded the holes to fit OBSF-30 buttons, but for that purpose it's an amazing(ly cheap) stick, and very easy to mod! The only real problem I've had with it is the hardware bug breaking its PS3 mode.

    If I were you, I'd open it up and try shorting the "down" on the PCB (it's one of the four non-ground wires going to the joystick's PCB, so you can just try them all) while it's still connected to your game (or controller properties), and see if the direction registers. And if that works, you're in luck, since it's probably just a broken switch in the Joystick, which gives you an excellent excuse to buy a Sanwa JLF stick and put that in instead!
  4. RE: Bought myself a Madcatz Fightstick for cheap, but doesn’t work in TGM3. The config exe doesn’t recognize my controller, anyone figured out the problem ?
  5. And presumably the controller works fine and is detected by Windows? Is it detected fine by other games? Is it a 360 stick or a PS3 one? Also there's a version of the typex hack that doesn't work with joysticks (though I'd assume this isn't the issue given you imply you're playing with your other one).

    If you're going to post asking for help, a little more info would be helpful than just "It don't work..."
  6. The controller works fine everywhere. It’s actually a WWE All-Stars Brawlstick, PS3 version, also made by Madcatz. Every button except home (for obvious reasons) work, and I can play TGM1 / 2 with it (\o/)
  7. In which case I would guess it's specifically some compatibility issue with the input hack, and tbh I don't know nearly enough about how it works to offer a fix.

    A program like Joy2Key might be able to help you out though, as an interim solution.
  8. i have a Madcatz Fightstick TE for x360 and it works fine.

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