How to approach to GM when reached lvl 999 in TGM

Thread in 'Strategy' started by Costra, 31 Aug 2020.

  1. Just reached lvl 999 for my first time in TGM. I got an S9 and a time of 15:40.
    How should i approach my training to gm?
    Lastly i think my game improved playing TAP:Death where im im getting lvl 300+ relatively easy.
    Should i focus on this game mode? Maybe train more my 20g? Or just continue playing normal TGM till i eventually get to GM?
  2. Stick with TGM1 for now. Stack as high as possible until ~250 and watch out for level-stops. Try and keep the stack as clean as possible in 20G. Triples and doubles are OK for keeping it stable but avoid singles as much as you can. (unless level-stopped)
  3. keep going for the GM grade costra! don't leave your goals unfinished; make them real :D

    yet as within the game itself we must know when to compromise and change
  4. Yuhuuu! After some months of grinding i just finally got it. Thanks for the support!
    Now i gonna take a little break of tetris and after some time i will try to go for the GM in TAP. :)
  5. gg! way to make the grade.

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