How do you wire a controller to a supergun?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by TehDrugo, 20 Aug 2015.

  1. Hi guys! I'm about to get tgm but I miss 1 thing.. how to wire a controller to a supergun..
    I foung this SG: $_57.JPG
    and I have no idea how to wire that? Do I need a undamned USB decoder? Or do I need some Neo Geo wires thingy? Do I need to solder? I don't know why but superguns are my only wickness <.< Can I maybe have a list of what I need? sorry if I'm asking too much but I can't wait to play on that board..
  2. Muf


    If you want to use a USB controller you're going to need an undamned decoder. If you're going to use a neo geo stick or mod an existing stick you can use anything you want, just wire the correct wires to the correct terminals on the supergun.
  3. Ok I think I'll go with the usb, But how do I do that? I just put a usb controller into the undamned decoder and then I need to wire that into the supergun? Thanks for all the help Muf!
  4. You can do it with no solder if you buy the screw terminal Undamned decoder and some wire. Just wire up the terminals from the decoder to the terminals on the supergun board. I wouldn't recommend trying to wire your stick for Neo Geo like I did for mine since your supergun doesn't have Neo Geo controller ports, just the screw terminals.

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