how do you counter someone who tspins nonstop on tetris ds?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by Blink, 6 Nov 2007.

  1. jujube

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    yeah. every easy opportunity, and the in-between line clears create those. they also remove blocks from the well, which might have otherwise contributed to overstacking.

    with worldwide garbage, you take what you can get. you can't always keep stacking upwards for tetrises just to keep BtB alive. you already know this because your rating is higher than mine [​IMG]

    and as far as losing time, you lose the most time by stacking too high over a hole underneath, unless you have a specific plan for clearing it up with 1 or 2 pieces. still, it takes time to stack up everywhere else to accomplish that. there are ways to consistently T-spin while uncovering garbage. i'm not going to say 100% of the time or give any number, but it can be done very often. there are good and efficient ways, we just need to find them. we all do it sometimes though. i've seen you T-spin with nearly every (or every) T piece for periods of time.

    there's a time to TST, and a time to do something else. the player that makes the best out of each situation is going to win. there are times when a TST setup falls in your lap without any effort.

    any of those methods could work, depending on the situation the other player is in. this also goes back to hc2 vs. worldwide. if you make a TST here in worldwide the garbage is more likely to be scrambled (and 6 lines at once). in hc2 it wouldn't be quite as effective. but in either case, if the other player is stacked a little high already i'm going to TST. if i'm stacked high, i need to be more conservative and go for a tetris.

    yoshihiro or STSD, if you have 2 T pieces or time to wait.

    on second glance, this way looks good. it seems like you would have somewhere to put every piece.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Even with the in-between line clears, it's still hard to keep the T-Spins up without stacking around the setups while waiting for the T, which is often times the main cause of overstacking. Also, I consider skimming to be more in line with tetrises than TSDs but that's just me.
    Of course you take what you can get. [​IMG] But it's all relative. If garbage is so messy, wouldn't it be a bad idea to clear so many lines in between TSDs?

    Remember, I'm an advocate of well-roundedness and not a devoted tetriser nor a devoted T-Spinner. [​IMG] I'm just saying devotion to only one of the two is disadvantageous to the player.

    I agree. There's a time for every technique. But some techniques have more time than others. That sounds a little cheesy. [​IMG]

    Hmm, I'm not sure about T-Spin garbage being more scrambled. And this goes back to the "there's a time for everything." I have to say though, most of the time, you have an alternative to the TST, especially a TSD over a long column which comprises the majority of T-Spins in an average game.
  3. tepples

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    Tetris stacking is easy only because we've been practicing tetris stacking since 1989. A lot of us learned on single-player games that granted x points for a single, 30x points for a tetris, and only 2.5x points for a TSD, and TSDs were dangerous at high gravity due to lack of lock delay. In fact, one iteration of Tetris on N64 discouraged T-spinning by removing all bonus squares in the playfield when the player executed a T-spin line clear.

    Games since Tetris Worlds, on the other hand, grant x points for a single and 8x to 12x points for a tetris or TSD, and lock delay makes TSDs safe even at 20G. This has been the case since 2001 (Tetris Worlds), but North American games from 2001 through 2005 were placed in a lot of players' discontinuity due to the "actually breaks Tetris" review and other reviews that characterized TW as mediocre to urine-poor, as well as the control lag in the GBA version of TW. So let's say serious T-spin research dates back to 2006, when Tetris DS finally did justice to the Guideline on a handheld.
  4. jujube

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    i was only talking about making 1 type of line clear between TSDs.

    here i was comparing TST in worldwide to TST in hc2. maybe i wrote it funny.
  5. jujube

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    tepples - it wasn't that long ago when i had a hard time making tetrises [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    IMO, tetrises are inherently more simple than TSDs. The shape and concept is easier to visualize. I'm not saying that experience can't lessen the effect, but setting up a TSD looks more complicated to me no matter how you spin it. I also wasn't born before 1990. [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Yep, I understood what you meant. I was referring to the need to constantly clear a line after a T-Spin to make it flat. Tetrises tend to keep the field flat while you're stacking for them. With persistent TSDs, you often have to stack around the setup and cleanup afterwards.

    Hmm, my bad. I misread it. [​IMG] Anyhow, wouldn't a combination of a TSS, TSD, or tetris (garbage spike) accomplish the same task as that TST?
  8. jujube

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    seems i slipped one past you earlier. this is what happens when we post so often in one thread [​IMG]


    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Hehe, there are so many ways to go about it. ... BdRBOVBIVB

    The mirror also works. [​IMG]
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    "how do you counter someone who T-spins nonstop"

    you don't because...IT DON'T STOP!
  11. lol good point!

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