How did this happen?

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  1. [​IMG]
    I somehow odd blocked vertically. How is this even possible?
    ( PCB )
  2. Haha ! It’s actually a well known bug in all TGM games : if you put the line piece (works with any other piece, if I’m not mistaken) way over the top and clear a line, it glitches out and makes an odd line instead of clearing everything.
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  3. Yeah, there are only 3 invisible rows above the top of the field. If you manage to stack something (usually a big mode I piece) higher than that the 4th row will be cut off.
  4. There is only one invisible row at the top of the field. If there were three then (aside from the I-piece) it'd be just fine.
  5. Oh, so there is. For some reason I remembered being able to stack above the well in big mode as long as you didn't go too overboard.
  6. The TGM1 line piece causes problems no matter what mode you play.

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