How beneficial are the piece sounds that annouce the next piece?

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  1. Hello all!

    i've asked this question on reddit already, but most seem to have misunderstood the question, so i try again here :)

    For now i have played TGM-Clones without using the piece sounds, but i'm starting now to train with them because i feel there's some potential there. (For fun, i build myself a custom set of sounds, a set of pentatonic notes of the same instrument, so now playing death is kind of a random melody generator :D)

    For the Death Players: Is there a big score/level difference when you play without the piece sounds?

    Just to clarify once more: I mean the sounds that are played back in relation to the visual annoucement of the next piece above the screen. :p

    addon question that just came up:
    What use do you see in the prerotate sound? The sound that plays back when a piece spawns prerotated.

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  2. for me they're nice to have but not essential. the prerotate sound just sounds cool
  3. I don't believe the varying piece sounds really has too much of an effect, but the timing of the sounds really help in keeping a rhythm at high speeds. I find this to be less of a factor at lower speed levels. And of course, level stop sounds and music cues for when you are getting near the end of a section and all that are important too.
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    I've played this series for 2 years now and I still don't know what sound matches each piece. Not even sure what they sound like. They are nice but you should be able to play these games without sound just fine.
  5. Played for 13 years and don't have an idea either :p
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  6. Haha :D thanks everybody!

    ok i'll just enjoy my random melody generator while playing and stop bothering about the piece sounds :)
  7. I haven't gone out of my way to learn the sounds yet as someone who plays games off of sound cues.. They're pretty useful. As DDRKirby said it does help you keep rhythm a bit, There are also some piece sounds that are more prominent than others (I.E. The I-piece) so if you sub-consciously learn them you will recognise those ones sooner.
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  8. I played recently without sound (without my agreement :) ) and the piece sounds are nice as people detailed above (esp. I identify with @Archina), but the main use of sound for me is music cues (Where you are in the music => How much time has elapsed for your time at level X, how much time into the invisible...)

    Then again, I doesn't throw me off to not have them. They're a tiny help to me but that's it.
  9. I typically play without sound, so I'm going with not too critical for me. Then again, I could be missing something that would be helping a lot and just don't know it!
  10. Even if you don't explicitly try to listen and recognize them, they may be subconsciously useful. :D
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