holiday loot-- what'd you get? *2010 update*

Thread in 'Discussion' started by deepdorp, 28 Dec 2006.

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  2. Re: holiday loot-- what'd you get? *2009 update*


    I got a christmas present from Santa today. :wub:



    Yes, it's actually a christmas present in July. Well, actually, it's a combined christmas/birthday gift.

    Test video HD 720p60 (6Mbps video):

  3. Re: holiday loot-- what'd you get? *2009 update*

    Hmm...I don't think I got anything either. Just had some delicious food and received a little bit of money.

    The best gift overall was the amount of sleep! I could sleep however long I want!!

    I wasn't into Tetris at the time so no Tetris related presents for me...:V
  4. Amnesia

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    Tetris related chrismas present.

    No comment.


    I hope your family takes care of you like mine does.
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    Re: Tetris related chrismas present.

    Nothing tetris-related for me yet, but due to my parents being divorced there's another round of gift-giving coming later today. I'm not expecting anything but who knows.
  6. Re: Tetris related chrismas present.

    hahahaha ! awesome shorts
  7. yes, yet another holiday round of cool gifts, especially tetris-related ones. Here are mine:
    a custom cross-stitched message from my girlfriend, and a tetris-themed light switch plate:

    what about anyone else?
  8. Nothing tetris related, mostly music equipment and other assorted games and things :p
  9. [​IMG]

    The one on the left.

    Don't get jelly just yet though, I have nothing that can't be simply played on my GothLoli360 (aka my NA 360). Hopefully I'll have Ketsui in a week or two (fuck MAME).
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  10. Re: Tetris related chrismas present.

    ...Are those briefs? o_O
  11. Cross-stitched artwork FTW!! How lovey-dovey~~ :awe:
  12. [​IMG]

    I've officially joined the 3-D fanclub now. Enjoying movies and games with these shutterglasses. They're not Nvidia 3D Vision but shares the same technology, I think these originally came out in 2002. However they won't work if your monitor only offers DVI as it comes with a dongle that requires VGA.

    I brought out the CRT monster that is the Compaq P1100 21 inch monitor. It goes way up to 1920x1440 resolution at 75 Hz, but for movies I wouldn't go lower than 1600x1200@95 Hz but 1280x1024@110 Hz is perfect. (no flicker)

    I don't think they would work great with tetris as it's a rather flat type of game. Works really great with the old Colin McRae 2005 and C&C Generals however.


    Also a new computer, though not technically holiday-loot (just got some help with the last $60 missing) It's really tiny, quiet but still about as powerful as my old desktop computer from three years back which I just sold. (which was a monster in both size and noise)

    I plan to get a 27" monitor sometime soon and I'll have a decent way of enjoying movies and tv-shows, the box can even sit on the back of a monitor with the VESA mount that came with it. I've looked at the Benq M2700HD which has a lot of inputs, like 2x hdmi, dvi, vga, component, composite, s-video, usb, spdif and speakers but I'm also on the look for any 27" 120 Hz montor with a VGA connection. Or maybe I'll just get a normal 27" monitor and keep the CRT for 3D. CRT should work well for tetris/mame too right?

    Intel "CULV" Celeron processor (SU2300) of 1.2 GHz and 2 GB of DDR3-1066 MHz memory and Nvidia ION gpu. Using xbmc with VDPAU to playback 720p videos at only 6-9 % cpu usage is pretty neat.

    Considering I've been stuck with only a netbook for the last couple of months I'm really happy with it. That one couldn't even play SD videos if they were 59,94 fps without going slow-mo. And it could barely play nullpo (had to use swing as slick and sdl was too slow for it - and even then not at full framerate)

    This one can even do Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 at around or above 30 fps which isn't that bad, not that I play them though. Older games works pretty damn good. Like Silent Hill 3, Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst and Colin McRae 2005. Quake III is 60 fps even with 3D activated but the 3D isn't very good in first person perspective. Best is 3rd person.
  13. Ummm, it's not perfect, 1280x1024 is the wrong aspect ratio...
  14. I know that, I was talking about the refresh rate though.
  15. I'm kinda late but...
  16. i got one of those in 2010 too :D

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