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  1. Hi!

    oops for not write this at the Introduction Thread

    I'd like to introduce myself after being some time reading the tetrisconcept posts, mainly looking for information about TGM.

    I've been playing computer games for... 30 years now!!!. Wow, thinking about it is a little scary. I'm 38 and started in the spectrum times so make the sum.

    I'm from Bilbao, Basque Country, north of Spain.

    I mainly play classic arcade games. I have a decent mame setup with an arcade joystick, and a Sigma supergun with games I got from my uncle (he used to repair arcades and fruit machines and gave me a lot of PCBs and Neo-Geo games). My all time favorites are Ghosts'n'goblins, Commando, Shinobi, Out Run, Hang On (put here another 70 or 80 classic games) and some golden age and more modern shooters also... and Tetris of course.

    About Tetris, the first time I played it I think it was in 1987 or 1988 in a PC and an Amstrad CPC also. I also played the Nintendo and Tengen versions on NES, and I played a lot of Atari Tetris. But I eventually stopped playing it...

    Until I discovered the TGM videos and got shocked. After the usual investigations I ended up playing emulated TGM and TGM2 and got hooked.

    And now here I am, trying to improve my TGM skills. I'm yet very weak, my best play is something in the ~550 level. But here I am in the path for becoming a TGM GM... if that happens any day.

    Again hello to everyone

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