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Thread in 'Hardware' started by TehDrugo, 15 Aug 2015.

  1. Thank you very much!
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    Yeah, that board is an illegal bootleg. Sure, it's temptingly cheap compared to a full typex+kit, but we want to support TGM series here, and buying that does NOT.
  3. yeah didn't expect a bootleg.. can I find a typex+game on http://www.sophia-corp.jp here? because they say pcb+kit but I don't know if it's ready to play.
  4. Muf


    "pcb" in the case of platforms like sys246/typex/+/2 means the motherboard/base system, and "kit" or "hdd" means the actual game. As for ready to play, it's an arcade game, and a JVS one at that, so you need either a JVS-ready arcade cabinet or some additional hardware, and/or if you want to play the game tabletop you need a supergun.
  5. Ok good to hear that! Ok I think this is my last question ahaha. any supergun will work on a type x or I need something in particular? if you have any link it would be great. thanks you very much guys! you are very informative!

    Edit: also which typex should I buy? the on with the software or the one with the I/O board?
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    Most superguns are jamma, so you need a jvs to jamma converter board (sega, capcom, and namco make them, among others), the typex pcb (the computer motherboard and case), and the kit containing the hard drive, dongle, and (probably) artwork.

    The arcade will have vga output that you can output to a standard PC multisync monitor, and a pc speaker out that you can attach to PC speakers, so you just need to hook up the controls with the converter, powered by the supergun. the board shown outside the case in this picture is one of the converter boards. https://newastrocity.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/system246-2.png

    Other people know how to get this stuff better.

    Hint. Pretty much every arcade game on that website is a bootleg, with very few exceptions. China doesn't respect intellectual property very much. :)
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  7. Thanks a lot! That seems really easy after all. Now I just need to find all the things I need and maybe save up some cash. ahahah
  8. Ok I'm sorry for double posting but I have a really big doubt.. On the sophia-corp site there's a section with the motherboards and if I click on the TTX this come out:
    if I order the TTX do I get all this things? or do you need to pay extra cash for all of that? Sorry if this is a stupid question but it's the only thing I don't get.. That site is not clear at all or I'm very dumb.
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    They'll ask you what you want, and can ship you any of the above configurations, but it'll cost a lot extra. Hardware like a JVS I/O board tends to be a lot cheaper in places like arcade trading forums or eBay.
  10. Oh ok! Thanks again Muf!

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