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  1. Came across this on Reddit today - fairly nice little tessellation game. I like the soundtrack quite a bit too.


    The goal is to put pieces together to clear lines, only it's on a hexagonal grid instead. Pieces are tetrominos with the occasional single-hex blocks (uniminos)? No speed required, but you do get bonus points (as far as I can tell) for clearing multiple lines at once. Also requires a bit of forward thinking once you get used to the possible pieces to avoid tying yourself into knots and running out of potential moves.

    Had a few games so far, my best is 6,300 7,100, 16,710
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  2. Ok this is actually pretty fun and challenging! My best so far is 11,600 but I seem to only be getting worse and worse scores the more I play.
    I also find being impatient and playing too fast without thinking much really makes the game over come quick, I really need to think over my moves. So with that in mind seeing somebody play this for SPEED would be absolutely nuts, haha.
  3. Thanks for sharing that !
    I've managed to score 14,330 after a few tries.
  4. Love the soundtrack.
  5. 23, 750 :D

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