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  1. Hello Tetrisconcept folks, i am new in this forum and in tetris in general and i need help :)

    I have been reading this forum since last week, the time i started to play TGM, i play it with a X-Arcade 4-ways modded, and i have reached Grade S1, but the 5~20G are crushing me, i need a good guide from basic to advanced, because i have trouble stacking and building the 9th .free column

    I have heard that the following guide was good but seems to be down:

    do you have a backup/mirror, or another good guide?, thanks.
  2. Ai


    Here are links to some guides with introductions to the TGM series:

    Tetris the Grand Master - A gameplay essay by PetitPrince

    TGM Guide by PetitPrince

    Tetris Guide by J.O

    The last link is the same as the guide you linked to, only problem is that this is the original untranslated Japanese version. You can use Google Translate to get an idea of the contents. The gifs and images on the site are very important and useful! You can find more info in the wiki or by using the search function on the forum.

    What level can you currently achieve? Between level 300 and 500 play becomes very difficult indeed. You should improve your stacking and aim for S3 before level 300. If done correctly combos will greatly help boost your grade early on. When your stacking gets better you can then focus on improving your play beyond level 300 which is really difficult to get used to. Hopefully you're already using at least 2 buttons for rotating the pieces. There's much more, but this should get you started for now. I'll look if there's a backup of the guide you mention.

    Welcome to the forum and have a nice stay. Don't hesitate to ask more questions. ^^
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  3. Actually, this guide was written by J.O, not jin8.

    I heard the translated version is down because Villadelfia is backing things up using his Dropbox at the moment. It'll probably go up again at some point, but we can try to figure out rehosting/mirroring as well.
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    It would accelerate a lot our help providement if you could record a piece of one of your game, by an inp or something else..Put a video on youtube if you can.

    Knowing the level you struggle currently, I would bet for example by a difficulty using the IRS..
    What are your records on the series ?
  5. SYN7HOR

    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    20g comes naturally with time. Guides and tips will speed up the process, but practice still makes perfect (not that you could ever be "perfect" at TGM).

    Remeber to take some days off occasionally. You will come back stronger.I think the brain needs time to digest it's new knowledge. Whenever I have "Tetris dreams", I know I will play even better next time.

    My "Tetris dreams" are becoming more rare.... :(
  6. Ai


    I missed this earlier. What exactly do you mean? Are you referring to the tetris hole on the right side (10th column)? If so you'll get used to it after a short while. Just practice stacking for tetrises.

    Thanks, fixed it. I believe I made the same mistake on harddrop and in some of my private messages. The TGM ranking site is jin8's if I'm not mistaken. ^^;
  7. I have read these guides before, but jap/xxx translator are **** and i was very confused when reading it.

    ok S3 and combos, i didnt know combos were so important!. :o

    Ok, i will be tuned in!

    My greatest problems are three:
    1. building the free 9th column because the tetrominoes fall there.
    2. placing the I correctly i always forget how it turns in ARS and it ends stuck in the middle or flat.
    3.When i have to do a T-spin i lose time waiting the T to fall the last "level" because if i push down all the way i don't have time to turn it before it locks into place.
    And memorize all the ARS rules
  8. Yeah the 10TH column :p
  9. Muf


    Tetris dreams only appear when you first get into Tetris intensively. As far as I know, none of the long term TGM players get Tetris dreams anymore.
  10. @Dravor, just practice a bunch, and be SMART when practicing. ;)

    It's impossible to grasp everything about piece placements and finesse when you're first starting out, but just learn things little by little by thinking critically about what you're doing and considering alternatives.

    you'll need to read the wiki and the aforementioned resources along the way to expose yourself to some of the more advanced or "weird" concepts that probably won't occur to you otherwise (wallkicks, mihara's conspiracy, tspins, synchros, ...)
  11. Thank you! and thank you for your advices, everyday I get better and better by practicing. I wish i had more time :D

    is there a NDS TGMs version with Grades?
  12. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    There was, but I believe the author was asked to stop work on it because it used images and sounds copyrighted by Arika and Konami. It was also being sold illegally by third party pirates in China.

    If you want a good (and legal) TGM-style game for the DS, I believe one of the members here was developing something as a small project; my memory is a little hazy, I might be thinking of tepples' LockJaw on DS, or I might be confusing it with KGM... Maybe if you asked in the IRC channel, someone could tell you more about it.
  13. is available in the meantime. It's a fairly accurate TGM2+ Master and Death clone for GBA. The speed timings are based on somewhat outdated information, but the grades should work properly. One other non-"arcade perfect" feature I can think of is that the R shoulder button repeats the last rotation used rather than being permanently mapped to counter-clockwise.
  14. I have the LockJaw one but i hate changing a lot of settings to TGM style everytime i play the game :(

    Thank you, thats the perfect partner to the gba micro :)
  15. Ai


    If I'm not mistaken grades were never implemented in NDS TGM. The last version that was released to the public was NDS_TGM_20080815. There was talk at the time that grades would be available in later versions, but MeRAMAN was forced to discontinue his work. Maybe there's a more recent version that's used for personal use. ^^

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